Thursday, June 11, 2020

Protests Totally Change Kansas (Not Really)

Public radio claims the march for equality is making dramatic progress . . . Sadly, there's no news of any dramatic policy shift in in this missive.

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Kansas Protests Give New Energy To Push For Policing Changes

As demonstrations against police brutality and racism have rocked the world, some Kansans have protested in hopes of pushing reforms at home. Since Memorial Day, thousands of people have attended rallies and marches across the state, from Garden City to Kansas City, protesting the deaths of George Floyd and other black people at the hands of the police.


Anonymous said...

Remember these people and what is going on in Seattle right now, remember the killing of David Dorn, remember the burning of property owned by innocent people,and remember how Trump dispersed them when the city mayors wouldn't. BLM is not what people think, ANTIFA are violent children who have no direction other than George Soros and it's proven he is paying them. They are on you tube chanting for their money from him. Remember Sharice Davids when she wore a shirt calling her heroes the ones who killed YOU. Remember this when you go to the polls.

Anonymous said...

All I've noticed of late is less police presence and not many black people walking the streets.

I've no clue to less police but covid restrictions sent everyone back to the drawing board here in my neck of the woods - not very far from Riverbend.

Manhattan Ks? They seem no different than some other small communities I read about. Burglaries, stolen property, assault on the old lady, driving drunk or suspended, ect. Mostly white people I'd think.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Prairie Village is a hotbed of racism. What a joke. I'm surprised they did not all line up and bow.