Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Police Killing Of Hannah Fizer Caught On Camera After Search Warrant

Latest in a Missouri case that has sparked rural pushback against authorities. Here's video that MIGHT offer more insight into the deadly shooting:

Pettis County deputy shooting Hannah Fizer caught on business camera, search warrant says

SEDALIA, Mo. - The fatal shooting of Hannah Fizer by a Pettis County sheriff's deputy was caught on camera, according to a search warrant filed in the case. Fizer was shot and killed during a June 13 traffic stop in Sedalia. Her death has led to several protests in the town, which sits about 90 [...]


Anonymous said...

Don’t know about the case, but my 3rd grade nephew could read a teleprompter and report the news more effectively than Mark Alford. What a babbling buffoon.

Anonymous said...

^^ Anal much ? Weird

Anonymous said...

Erratic irrational behavior, sounds like meth. I've watched first hand the effects on a person. A normal woman, always nice, always helpful, (like the methhead neighbors in Johnny Dare's old skit), but couldn't focus on anything. Constant movement, inability to follow simple directions, unable to stop when commanded. It may not be the case here, but sounds like friends and family were dancing around the excuse of recreational drug use which would imply awareness of dabbling in heavier drugs. It is a shame. I feel bad for the cop, taking a life, justified or not, has an effect on the psyche. Feel bad for the family, IF it was drug use, its like watching a slow motion train wreck ending with her potential completely derailed.