Friday, June 26, 2020

Overland Park Take HUGE Corona Hit

Link tease offers a peek at the Golden Ghetto suffering pandemic cutbacks . . . More info here for subscribers:

Pandemic pummels Overland Park sales tax revenue - Kansas City Business Journal

Overland Park saw its sales tax revenue decline more than any other city in Kansas during the pandemic's shutdown. The Johnson County suburb saw its sales tax collections decline 17.8% during April from the same period a year ago, the Lawrence Journal-World reports. Overland Park has the largest collection of shopping malls in the area.


Anonymous said...

Sales taxes are way too high and increase every few years. They used to be several points lower in the '90s. It's no wonder the middle class is being destroyed by overtaxation. Stop the madness.

Anonymous said...

They should lower sales tax for normal people and raise sales tax for faggots and Middle Easterners.