Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Overland Park New Theatre Drama Cont'd

This locale has been a constant source of drama over the past few years given that small-time actors have always yearned for a bigger state. Now the pandemic powers new complaints . . . Read more:

Overland Park theatre accused of union busting and blacklisting [UPDATED]

New Theatre production of "Sylvia" Amid accusations of union busting, the New Theatre & Restaurant in Overland Park may be facing a new allegation-blacklisting. Trouble for the 600-seat Johnson County dinner theatre began last week, when the theatre announced plans to circumvent guidance from Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers, and reopen to patrons on...

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Tracy Thomas said...

What is a live theatre, without some major drama?
And now we resume--with a very long intermission...

The PPP plan was very poorly designed.

Not sure how NTR was affected, but the movie theatres are similarly challenged. And one local exhibitor said, "Why should I work twice as hard to make half as much money? In their case, the Hollywood studios, who taught Americans to stream, has yanked the two week headstart/ exclusive on the blockbuster movies, so what's the point of being in business--you can't complete.

What I fear will happen (violin tremolo)--
Is theatres live and cinematic--may open for 8 weeks --just long enough to comply with PPP, bring back their employees (not the contract labor) long enough to convert that PPP money from a loan to an outright grant! And then they will shutter their doors for good.