Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Old School Catholic Bishop Connected To Kansas City Walks Amid Abuse Allegations

Outcry from activists against abuse . . .

"It's also crucial that those who were hurt by Hart not give up. Prosecutors, even cowardly ones, can change their minds. But they won't if people who saw, suspected or suffered abuse or cover up keep quiet. So now more than ever, if you have suspicions or knowledge about Hart's wrongdoing, pick up the phone. Call police, prosecutors, civil attorneys, journalists and support groups like ours, until action is taken, kids are protected and justice is done.">

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Still No Charges for Former Wyoming Bishop Despite Police Recommendations, SNAP Calls for Action

Despite two separate investigations and the recommendations from local police to file charges, Wyoming prosecutors have yet to take any steps forward. We call on the district attorney of Natrona County to make a public update on the case, explain his office's delay in filing charges, and immediately take steps that can help prevent future cases of clergy sexual abuse.


Anonymous said...

The Catholic church is a man made cult. They want you to run like a pet hampster on a wheel to get salvation. Oh and pay them money too. They are the richest organization in the world and own more land than any corporation.

They dont believe the Bible or Christ when both stated your saved by your faith - not by your works. The Catholic Church looks like a path to heaven, but its a portal to hell. Beware!

Anonymous said...

^^OK dummy. I'm sure 'God" told you all this right? You're just as crazy as they are.

Anonymous said...

10:57 is the perfect summation of Trump's biggest evangelical supporters.

They hate Catholics. It's why Trump's support is seriously falling among Catholics.

Anonymous said...

^^And yet it isn't. Weird.