Thursday, June 18, 2020

Olathe School Outrage After Creeper Teacher Suspect Charged In Sex Misconduct Case

Danger for students in the Golden Ghetto inspires parents to take to the streets . . . Take a look:

Parents, students demand change after Olathe teacher charged

Parents are calling for changes in the Olathe school district after a teacher was charged with misconduct involving a young student. James Loganbill is charged with reckless stalking, which court documents say was "sexually motivated." A protest Thursday had a strong message for the school district.

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Anonymous said...

What is is alleged to do is very wrong. However you would be shocked how people do nothing and dont want to talk about school aged girls sending naked pictures to guys, having rainbow parties, having sex often, many times with older men or friend's Dads. Lets look at the whole problem, not just the perv teachers.