Northeast Ramps Up Eternal Struggle Against Rampant Kansas City Illegal Dumping

Continued coverage of this ongoing issue . . . Take a look at the latest legal move to push back against constant small time and industrial litterbugs . . . Read more:

Citizens complaint leads to illegal dumping investigation

Acting on a citizen's complaint, East Patrol Community Interaction Officers Greg Smith and Pat Byrd along with the city's Illegal Dumping investigator Alan Ashurst, and Travis Silver's the designated Illegal Dumping Investigator assigned to the Mattie Rhodes Center in Northeast inspected an illegally dumped trailer full of trash on the parking lot at Holy Cross Parish at 5100 St.


  1. I don’t see what the problem is. Just leave your trash anywhere in the shithole ghetto, it looks natural there.

  2. Leave your trash on the Plaza. It just turned into the City Dump.


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