Monday, June 29, 2020

No Comeback For Kansas City Tourism

And so one of our KICK-ASS Readers asks:

"What will KC do? Why waste money on 18th & Vine?"

Or the P&L District for that matter . . . Read more:

Airbnb CEO: Travel may never be the same

Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky told Axios in an interview that global travel may never fully recover, and that he sees a future where people travel much more within their own countries, possibly for longer stays.


Anonymous said...

Shut it down, the only people worried about it are the 24 board member friends of the cleave.

Shut it down permanently, hundreds of people are losing their jobs in the city and these jackass’s are only worried about their $200,000 a year part time job. Suck it up.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Tourism is dead for the time being.

But, it's okay, because Der Fuhrer said he was going to bring back the manufacturing jobs.

Anonymous said...

Tourism may be dead for the rest of the world, but not for VisitKC and KCMO.
They already have their hand-clicker counters going a mile a minute tallying the locals who drive through KCMO and are counted as "tourists". There have been hundreds of thousands of them in just the last few months!
And there are 747 planeloads of them throughout the world chomping at the bit to come to KC and see the big new hotel, "luxury apartments", world class coffee shops, and most of all, ride THE streetcar.
They may even get a glimpse of the local D-list celebrity politicos.
Or catch a protest about one thing or another that happen every day.
Everything's up to date!

Anonymous said...

^^^ True Fact @6:17!

The Blue Room has a reservation waiting list that's already seventeen months long!
And the Negro Baseball Leagues Museum?
Forget it - you can't get in the door till 2035!

Now the P&L District and the NBA Experience downtown have a few reservations left for Halloween next year, and you may be able to shop or dine on the Plaza sometime this November.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet there's no such thing as "an NBA Experience downtown" which just goes to show you that you've never been out of Frogville once in your pathetic, shut-in life. Weird.

Anonymous said...

comments are dead, nobody wants to get drunk and loud anymore.

Anonymous said...

If tourism is dead BLieron, how about you quit “traveling” to our blog? We don’t want you here.

Anonymous said...

@7:22 sorry about responding to your wrath so late, been out earning a living (you should try it) - also sorry to trigger your weirdness by getting the name of the "Temple of Boogie Ball" wrong.