Saturday, June 13, 2020

Newsflash: Kansas Unemployment Website REMAINS Hot Garbage Disaster

An important update on this ongoing mess makes it clear that the Guv hasn't done much to remedy the situation as the social safety net fails a great many hardworking Kansas residents who have paid into the system all of their lives and now can't reliably access unemployment insurance.

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Many Kansans still struggling with state's unemployment website, overloaded phone lines

OLATHE, Kan. - The Kansas Department of Labor said Friday it resolved an issue with some confusing questions about availability to work that led to tens of thousands of people calling about their unemployment claims. "Please remember that it is your responsibility to read all correspondence from the KDOL and to read every weekly claim question thoroughly before responding," the agency posted going on to say that Kansans' claims will not be held up in processing because of erroneous responses.


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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you expect the government to take care of you.

Anonymous said...

Governor Granny still working on her COBOL program I see.

She may want to put down her knitting needles and call Cerner's IT department to help her out. They are the best.

Anonymous said...

They can't scare us anymore. They lied and lied and did everything they could to scare the living hell out of us and all along they had no real clue. They continually contradicted themselves and caused a catastrophic shut down of the community and economy that was much worse than the covid.