Friday, June 05, 2020

Mostly White Kansas City Star Shares #BlackLivesMatter Protest Agenda

One of the least diverse media organizations in the metro shares their demands for policy changes amid rampant American civil unrest. Read more:

Is KC 'better than this'? Protests must inspire local action to combat racial injustice

It's often said at tumultuous times such as these that "we're better than this." Perhaps. But as they say in sports, you're only as good as your record. However noble our intentions, whatever rectitude in our hearts, we simply have to come to grips with the fact that our collective record on race in this city, and in this country, is unworthy of the greatest nation on Earth.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious and predictable. But a good, if sidelong, admission of the total failure of liberal economic and social policy since Johnson.

Anonymous said...

No, the star doesn’t give a shit about Black Lives Matter. They are bandwagon supporters. Just a few short years ago Lynn Horsely and others wrote bullshit articles about East Patrol and basically did everything they could to discredit property owners who lived at 26th Prospect to Brooklyn. They are full of shit. They just don’t want to be part of the crowd that all the negative publicity is directed to.

Anonymous said...

Just like Nelson Atkins. No staff diversity, but trying to be politically correct, while offending KCPD. Fake and boring.

Anonymous said...

BLM only when they are killed by white COPS Black lives don't matter when they are killed by other black men

Anonymous said...

star should have an outside audit of its social responsibility, including diversity in all dimensions.

they aren't accountable.

Anonymous said...

Are they doing the hands up don't shoot thing? That was a proven lie that was never said during Ferguson.

BLM was started by two women that were inspired by Assata Shakur a black panther and cop killer. The two women are Alicia Garza Tometi and Payrisse Cullors.

BLM is an anti white anti cop gang.

We will never forget.

Anonymous said...


Editorial board members primarily live in JOCO Kansas, because they don't want to live around minorities and they wanted their children to attend JOCO schools.

Even the sole person of color on the board chooses not to reside in KCMO.

They are among the worst of liberal Democrats, as they talk the progressive talk, but they abandon KCMO neighborhoods and schools while enjoying the safety and prosperity of white-majority conservative JOCO.

Anonymous said...

948, thank you for speaking the truth.