Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Missouri Senator Hawley Decries Court Switcheroo And Supreme LGBT Victory

One of the most strident MAGA supporters in D.C. is strangely broadcasting that that the Prez Trump, GOP court packing game plan didn't really work . . . Read more:

Hawley on LGBTQ ruling: Conservative legal movement is over

"Every honest person knows that the laws in this country today, they are made almost entirely by unelected bureaucrats and courts. They are not made by this body. Why not? Because this body doesn't want to make law," Hawley said. "This body is terrified about being held accountable for anything on subject."


Anonymous said...

He's absolutely correct in his argument. Congress is afraid to tackle any given issue because taking a strong stance will automatically alienate a percentage of said Congressman's constituents. Thus, these grifters and showboaters rely on cliches and platitudes, avoid controversy of any kind, and kick the can down the road.

The result, is legislation from the judicial bench.

Further, the Supreme Court's makeup lends itself to a liberal tilt. That's the president's fault. It seems the only people who can be on the court are those who attended an Ivy League school. What, is the law taught in those institutions different from the law taught elsewhere?

Talk about a lack of diversity. These judges hold the same disdain for "Flyover" concerens as most other residents of the urban northeast.

Anonymous said...

If someone wants to be gay that's their issue, but this is not about that. What this is about is shoving the gay agenda down the straight persons throat and that is something gays are not going to do without a fight from straight people. Gay people and the left agenda are the most intolerant people around and they need to practice what they preach.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet it's really about equal protection under the law. Weird?

Mo Rage said...

"Conservative legal movement is over"? Because more Americans got equality under the law?


Thanks for pointing that out, Senator Hawley!


Anonymous said...

^^^No, it's because the Justices ruled as they want the law to say instead of what the law actually does say. Rule by a small group of people is called an oligarchy, and that's where we're headed if not already there.

Anonymous said...

Josh Hawley is handsome enough. The gays wouldn't mind taking him for a tour of the local gay bars. And Claire still gets more air time.

Anonymous said...

Myopic people like Mo Rage are fine with oligarchy . . . as long as it's their preferred flavor of totalitarianism that's being implemented.

Like most individuals with a fascist bent, Mo Rage cloaks his brown-shirt arguments with words like "truth" and "equality."

Mussolini would have loved this guy.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet you seem to be perfectly fine with anti-gay totalitarianism. Typical right-wing bullshit but weird nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

And yet you don't make an effort to deny he's a fascist . . . weird

Anonymous said...

^^^^"He" is ambiguous in your post. I make no effort to deny Trump and Hawley are wannabe fascists, if that's who you mean, but why dwell on the obvious?

Anonymous said...

The GOP is a complete mess.

Their one "principled" position is to appoint conservative judges, but can't even deliever that. A consevative court delieved 2 votes for the liberal minority.

Trump is just one more failed example who broke his most basic promise. He has lost his base and relection chances.

Blow it up and start all over.