Friday, June 05, 2020

Meth Town Stays Losing J.C. Penny

Retail remains dead . . . Our blogy community mourns one less local place to buy "husky" pants . . . Checkit:

JC Penney closing 154 stores, including Independence location, in first post-bankruptcy phase

NEW YORK - J.C. Penney said Thursday it will start closing 154 of its stores next week in what it is calling the first phase of its efforts to shrink its footprint. The store closures include J.C. Penney's Independence location on 39th Street.

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Anonymous said...

Horrible! I’ve been meaning to shop there for years.. you know ... to support mediocrity. My good intentions should have gone a long ways! My grand daddy used to shop there...Inthink he bought a pair bought a pair of socks there to show his support. They were great socks and I remember him telling Me about how he loved them as he got the on a Blue Light Special! Wait... that was KMart! He meant to go there one time also... you know - to show support!
No idea why they are going under! They were a great place! Maybe I will go some day and get a cup of coffee there.