Thursday, June 25, 2020

Mayor & Council Reject Controversial Tax Break For Kansas City West Bottoms Project

Maybe the only good news today, it seems that the pandemic and #BlackLivesMatter movement have put the economic "Border War" on hold far more effectively than political deals . . . Read more:

Kansas City Council Rejects Incentives For A Company That Threatened To Move Across State Line

Faced with scathing criticism about a controversial development incentive request, the Kansas City Council on Thursday rejected a proposal designed to help retain a global construction company in the West Bottoms. The council voted 9-4 against a parking deal that is part of a larger subsidy proposed to keep BlueScope and its 339 high-paying jobs at 1540 Genessee St.


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They won't move trust me.

Anonymous said...

Just a pause by the council until the issue quiets down or something else comes up to divert the public's attention.
Then this will come back, perhaps in a less obvious place like one of the too numerous obscure "quasi-public" independent bodies like the Port Authority.
These "projects" are like vampires.
They never die.

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LOL! Those "progressives" sure showed them! As a Kansan we will greet them with open arms. KCMO is screwed now any way. Blacks will tear apart a once great town. In fact, they are doing it now. The KC school district is a rotten mess with no hope of recovery. That plus an increasingly race obsessed anti white cabal will bring "Justice" to the slobbering masses.

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They managed to piss Theresa Loar off. She did not like being called a racist. Way to go black politicians.

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The real reason BlueScope didn't get approval?

They don't participate in the KCMO "pay to play" game.

BlueScope is not a name that commonly pops up when reviewing the Council/Mayor lists of campaign contributors. There is a long list of area developers, companies, law firms, etc., that seemingly always appear on the scene with political donations to keep their approval wheels fully greased.

Before this recent issue arose publicly, I bet most people had never heard the name BlueScope in KCMO.