Saturday, June 13, 2020

Look Inside Newly Renovated Northeast Kansas City Victorian Urban Mansion

Special thanks to one of this town's top photographers for a perfect glimpse of the paused local real estate game for Saturday.

Check out impressive pix featuring the end result of a lot of hard work . . . Along with curious palate choices:

Victorian Sparkles Anew

The new owner of 500 Bellefontaine Avenue in Historic Northeast has completed its renovation. The Victorian, built in 1890, was showing its 128 years when purchased, but is now ready to shine. The home, above, in 1940. The home, in the Bellefontaine Historic District, was platted in the Richmond Place Subdividion.


Anonymous said...

BLM and Antifa can't wait to move in they love the house and what the privileged owners have done to it. BLM/Antifa will do some touch-ups like spray paint it piss and shit in every corner and turn it into a community house. The new owner won't mind as they are privileged to get to put so much hard work and money into it. BL is all that matters

Anonymous said...

Nice sturdy porch to hang the white owners from when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Yes beautiful historic house in a beautiful historic neighborhood that you can't go our after dark and you can't walk down the street, 20 dollar hookers and lots and lots of racist black people, and section 8 everywhere with absentee owners who aren't even in the state, the mansion's on the next block are crack factories. In it's day was something good but now not. Sad this area will never be any good and your mayor doesn't know how to run a city he's a spinless little man that kneels to crime. You saw it!

Anonymous said...

That’s right over there by cougar lady’s house! That broad is effing crazy! Nobody wants to move that close to her.

Anonymous said...

When White people live there - they call it historic. When Black people live there, they call it blighted. Interesting.