Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Local Police Giving Up Military Weapons

The reality is that the politics, optics and cost for maintenance makes this equipment a liability . . . Take a look:

Amid Calls To Change Policing, Two Kansas City Area Sheriffs Want To Get Rid Of Armored Vehicles They Got From The Pentagon

Since the early 1990s, law enforcement agencies in Missouri and Kansas have received more than $35 million in used and surplus military equipment from the Pentagon. Now, as calls increase around the nation to defund and demilitarize police departments, some local agencies are taking stock of hundreds of rifles, pistols, night vision goggles, and armored vehicles in their possession courtesy of something known as the 1033 Program.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, is homosexuality an occupational requirement at KCUR?

Anonymous said...

Public radio is an enemy of free loving Americans. They are a mouth piece for socialism.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Funny, you don't seem like free loving (I think you meant freedom loving) people to me, just a double dose of the same old stupid.