Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Kris Kobach Could Lose Kansas Senate Seat Republicans Have Held For 100 Years

Money line amid a great deal of data revealing the former Kansas SecState as the front-runner . . .

"The Democrats’ best, and maybe only, bet continues to be against Kobach."

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Senate race rating in Kansas remains the same, for now - Roll Call

Posted June 8, 2020 at 10:00am With the passing of last week's filing deadline, we can finally say it: Mike Pompeo is not running for Senate, and Republicans are in danger of losing a seat in Kansas. Even though the former congressman and current U.S.


Anonymous said...

in a highly-contested national environment, he might win.

not johnson county, but kansas.

Anonymous said...

Kobach won't be the Republican candidate and Bollier will lose.
The Dems might have had a chance in such a weak Republican field, but someone from Mission Hills in Johnson County and with a French-sounding name is not going to win a state-wide election in Kansas.
Marshall is as innocuous as Roberts, which is just what the Repubs in Kansas love.
Just keep those farm subsidies coming!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. Give Kris six years in the Senate, and he'll find that voter fraud. No matter how much it costs!

Anonymous said...

You got Bob Hamilton in there too, don't forget about him. He's running on the Trump weirdo ticket as well. China bad and getting America and all that money is going to illegals. Real normal stuff.

Bollier is solid. Former Republican running as a Democrat but she's independent. She decided the party was fucking weird and she was right.

Anonymous said...

Marshall is a total loser. A rep from farm country that doesn't want to be on the Ag committee and thinks Trump's trade wars have helped farmers. They don't come any dumber than that.

It must be from all the preventive hydroxychloroquine Trump told him to take.

It's clear why Mitch was begging Pompeo to get in the race. None of these morons can win.