Friday, June 12, 2020

KCPT Pretty Much Dares Protesters To Tear Down Statue Of Former President Andrew Jackson In Front Of The Courthouse

Make no mistake . . . There's not a lot of love for slave owner and Native American killer Andrew Jackson.

However, this screed from "public" TV comes DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to inciting vandalism . . . Something that would get anybody else at least a stern warning from authorities.

Meanwhile, these "journalists" enjoy hefty donations from "viewers like you" along with substantial government subsidy.

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Shaking the Foundation of Racism in Kansas City

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas called out former President Andrew Jackson during comments made on the steps of City Hall last week. In doing so, he focused attention on Jackson County's namesake, a slave owner who also was responsible for pushing Native Americans down a "Trail of Tears."


Anonymous said...

KCPT just lost my yearly donation.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Jackson was a great general. We would be a British Commonwealth if not for Jackson's leadership during the War of 1812.

I wonder if KCPT even knows that the British invaded the United States during the War of 1812 and burned down the Washington D.C.?

I heard the Democrats also want to tear down all of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's statues.

The Democrats are erasing America's history just like the Bolsheviks erased Russia's history during the Soviet Union's communist takeover.

Anonymous said...


Just another example of a highly-compensated privileged White person, out-of-touch with most Kansas City residents, yet leading a local organization.

Anonymous said...

Let them remove the statues. Only if they will shut the fuck up and get jobs.

Anonymous said...

Jackson was a founder of the Democratic Party, so regardless of how many slaves he owned or how many Indians he killed, he's safe.

Anonymous said...

Thank god they’re gonna do this, now what name shall we come up for replacing the racist Jackson county?

Jesus Christ somebody please stop the cancel culture, they’re destroying America.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they're not. Weird.

Anonymous said...

CARET-TOP BOY at 9:41 comment, is on patrol!

Charles Whitman said...

They never will. It's never enough. They only scream for more and more. Because, you know, slavery.

Mo Rage said...

TKC, you are the most irrational, overly-emotional and so, irresponsible person in the community posting things.

KCPT said nor did anything like what you posted here.

You are the biggest race baiter in the area, the community.

Tone it town, Ton. Geez.

Grow up. Be an adult.

Be responsible.

You can stay in your Mom's basement just chill.

Anonymous said...

When is the Democrat Party going to rename the Democrat Party given the Democrat Party was the founder of the Confederacy and Ku Klux Klan?

The very name "Democrat Party" has racist undertones given its history of Jim Crow laws and segregation.

Anonymous said...

Only irrational, irresponsible person in the community posting lies and drama is you MoRage. Was just last week if I remember correctly that you were ripped big time by Super Dave for posting stuff about Trump that was far from the truth. In fact you had it all wrong. So STFU with your hate bullshit comments.

Anonymous said...

Get while the gettin is good. Taking down these statues won't change a thing. Weird.

Anonymous said...

But it was Nancy Pelosi who wore a scarf that only slave owners and slave traders wore in Ghana...How funny!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Black people owned slaves too HAHAHAHAHA and their own people sold them out to the white man. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

In fact the first recorded slave transaction in what became America involved a free black man as the slave owner. Sub Saharan Africans were slave owners and slave sellers. There could not have been an international slave trade without the cooperation of black societies in catching and selling their brethren. Before Europe made contact with the West African coast, Muslims were the primary buyers of slaves. They were made to walk across the Sahara to various Muslim slave market cities; as many as one third died along the way. Eunuchs were valued commodities to the Muslims, so boys and young men were castrated at the earliest opportunity; many did not survive that experience. Compared to slaves imported into the American colonies or America, the many millions more who were sent to Caribbean Island or South American plantations had it much worse.

But remarkably, only in America is there a politically active gimme free stuff movement, tolerated if not encouraged by the political party that did the enslaving in the first place.

Welcome to Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

America is a country with parallel cultures. The African American culture will always run parallel with the white/brown amalgamation culture due to their historic relationship with the nation as indentured people.

Until we accept that we are different and will always be, then we will continue to have problems. It's not about race, its about culture - each distinct and beautiful in their own ways.

Anonymous said...

You are one to lecture someone on being an adult.
Your foot-stomping, breath-holding tantrums make as much sense as the two year old that you are emotionally.
KCPT has been a Jewish sponsored, Communist station for 30 years.
You can be damned sure that they want public property destroyed.

Put that in your diaper and wipe it.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have been offered to go live in Ghana by a minister there. If any black person wants to go to Ghana and start a new life I would help and even set up funding for you or whatever you need. I have heard that some black people are taking advantage of it and looking for a place to live.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden announced General Andrew Jackson slaughtered a large number of Native Americans at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Thank you Vice-President Biden for clarifying you are an idiot.

By the way, the face mask goes on your nose and mouth not your ear.

Anonymous said...

White lives matter.

Anonymous said...

White people need to stop being such race traitors.

Its okay to support human rights for African Americans, but don't participate in the denigration of your own people - yes there are a lot of bad white people, but don't denigrate the white race, it is a beautiful race and is due credit for the alleviation of much suffering in the world which far outweighs the colonization and slavery that they participated and benefited from.

Its actually okay to be white and not apologize for it.

Anonymous said...

Mayor mcdrinkerson better be careful, his ancestors may have owned slaves and if so, he needs to be thrown out of office immediately, well he needs to be thrown out of office regardless.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if your great great grandparents owned slaves or not. It matters that a person doesn't support the apartheid system we live in. All the rape kits that were destroyed in KCPD Evidence because a cell phone battery caught on fire? 30 million in cleaning supplies missing at the Jackson County Jail over the past 30 years. No prosecution of police in over 10 years. Question is, how did the Jackson State get so many holes from gunfire patched up?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, what? Calling attention to the silly thuggery and anarchy you happily advocate isn't ok with you?

Anonymous said...

Perfectly reasonable.

Unfortunately no one is being reasonable.