Monday, June 29, 2020

KCPD Confronts Posthumous Excessive Force Lawsuit Amid Controversy

Followup on this case that sparked anger over citizen media video and now heads to court . . . Checkit:

Brianna Hill's estate sues 2 KCPD officers for damages in May 2019 arrest

Brianna Hill’s estate is suing Kansas City, Missouri, police officers for “fair and reasonable” damages related to her arrest in May 2019 in the 1300 block of Brush Creek Boulevard.“This case arises from the intentional, reckless and irresponsible assault and battery” of Hill, according to the Petition for Damages for Personal Injuries. KCPD Officers were charged with misdemeanor assault in mid-May after a Jackson County grand jury indicted the officers for excessive force.


Anonymous said...

Oh another pardon by Lucas but hey let get those officers a year later over someone who was shot dead in another crime taking place.

Anonymous said...

Remember the right Grand Jury would indict a Barbie Doll for prostitution.

Anonymous said...

Is Brianna the male tranny that later got killed by a black person- not a COP/ ? Neither a female nor should people worry about the cops over another fellow black that committed murder WITHOUT A PEEP FROM BLM ! Resisting arrest then murdered by a Bro later on. Sounds credible. Keep smoking the Kool Aid.