Thursday, June 25, 2020

Kansas Lady Counsels Against Lady Pr0n

Amid the digital age, more ladies now have access to pr0n without risking their own safety. However, this talker argues against the digitally addictive practice for a great many reasons that might be correct but also totally underestimate healthy, natural, human curiosity . . . Read more:

Kansas woman counsels women who struggle with porn addiction

TONGANOXIE, Kan. - 41 Action News recently completed a series of stories on addiction. Specifically, the series addressed how the pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders meant new addictions for some, or finally coming to terms with long-term addictions for others. In that series, we talked about pornography addiction with a man who counsels other men.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I don’t care what you say, that’s funny there!

Anonymous said...

So you got any photos and contact info for these babes that need counseled? Will minister to them Slick Willie style.