Monday, June 22, 2020

Kansas Honcho Resigns After Repeated Unemployment Insurance Website FAIL

Amid ongoing website probs and one of the worst pandemic responses in the U.S., here's a glimpse at the consequences of keeping thousands of workers on edge every week throughout a GLOBAL ordeal. Read more:

Kansas Department of Labor Secretary resigns after struggles with unemployment claims during outbreak

Gov. Laura Kelly announced Monday that she has accepted Kansas Department of Labor Secretary Delía García's resignation after weeks of struggles processing unemployment claims during the COVID-19 outbreak."As governor, I'm responsible for KDOL's handling of unemployment claims," Kelly said.


Anonymous said...

Should have resigned 3 months ago. She’s stupid, as are all State of Kansas employees, from the old lady governor on down.

Slow Learner From Turner said...

Another affirmative action disaster.

Anonymous said...

And the baby-killing douchebag Governor blames it on her predecessor.
Sorry, you dried up old gash. This one is on you.

Anonymous said...

4:06 is correct
KDOL Delía García I'm betting finally after no help from Kelly in so many words probably told her to stuff it. Can't say that I'd blame her. Kansas has some of the worst websites and utilities I have ever seen for running a government. The cheapest bidder or friends isn't always the answer when t comes to a state ran IT system.

Anonymous said...

Lack of creativity. Granny says close the churches !

Could have processed the unemployment checks on an Access Database some college kid could have written in a couple of days.

Government bureaucrats are fucking idiots counting the days to when their pension plan kicks in.

Heaven forbid they have to get off their lazy asses and do anything.

Anonymous said...

Hope the "Secretary" has quite a bit of cash saved up to hold her through while SHE'S waiting for HER unemployment check.

Anonymous said...

Another stupid cunt

Anonymous said...

Thrown under the bus by the carpet muncher. Must have been a turn down to advances.

Anonymous said...

Possible class action suit in KS future?

Anonymous said...

You can't polish a turd. And the outdated mainframe system from the 70's that was ignored by mostly Republican administrations for the last 50 years was not designed to handle a catastrophic event that just occurred.

The catch is, you have to spend money on these systems that are designed as social safety nets for the unemployed. Which we all know, Republicans could give a fuck all about.

Soooo, while you fucking jerkoffs are over here pontificating over the failures of the current Democratic administration, you need to be pointing fingers at the eternally Republican controlled Kansas legislature. Because at the end of the day, they don't give a flying fuck about unemployed people. They just think they're all lazy and don't want jobs and you fucking rubes buy into it hook line and sinker.