Saturday, June 27, 2020

Kansas Conservatives Cry Foul Over Guv Kelly Special Treatment

Economic juxaposition for our most dedicated readers . . . Checkit:

Media crucified Brownback, but glosses over Kelly's budget tricks - The Sentinel

When Republican Governor Sam Brownback used budget tricks to avoiding spending cuts, media pounded him on the front page and in editorials. But they give Democrat Governor Laura Kelly a pass when she does it.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that there are any honest newspaper reporters left. I will be glad when you're gone you rascals you.

Anonymous said...

She's a not ready for anything Democrat. She was a joke in closing the whold damn state down when the numbers were tiny. Now we have many times those numbers and we are open again. That's clearly not logical. South Dakota never closed and did fine. They forced businesses to close in central and western Kansas where they had one and two cases. She's a lousy Governor who got elected because Brownback was a lousy Governor.