Friday, June 12, 2020

Kansas City Week In Review: Local #BlackLivesMatter Fight Trumps Coronavirus

A late night look at public affairs and our local discourse . . .

"Nick Haines, Cat Reid, Steve Kraske, Eric Wesson and Micheal Mahoney discuss the protests against police brutality in Kansas City and the potential long term impact, calls for the resignation of KCPD Chief Rick Smith, timeline for police body cameras in KCMO, the renewed push to rename J.C. Nichols Fountain, monitoring COVID-19 as states reopen and school district plans for resuming school."

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

give it a couple of weeks.

People will soon have their priorities in order. And they might have some serious questions about all of those protests.

Anonymous said...

Zoom Zoom

Doom Doom

Mostly SJW talk


NRG said...

Best show I've seen all year. Taking a couple of weeks gave them a lot more substantial things to talk about. Even some of the stuff I disagreed with was still worth a listening too.

Thank you for linking this T, would have missed it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Notice the media hypocrisy?

No mention of protesters crowding and Corona.
Trump rallies get full page headlines.

Next up will be the sad NYTimes wanting to abolish Police.

Deep Dark web calling for defunding and closing NY Times... legally.
Better sooner than later. Working with advertisers ... using their own playbook.

Anonymous said...

Cancel culture virus in full swing.
Will bite their own ass off.

History can’t be re-written thankfully. Will be harsh to the snowflake culturalists.

Anonymous said...

All this shut is getting boring.

Anonymous said...

There is no police brutality in Kansas City, this is BS made up by the new movement BLM . BLM is a hate movement that killed even one of their own and destroyed everything in their path. They have divided this country beyond repair. If you support this movement your are a domestic terrorist. Who is going to even want to speak to a black person now? Not me, I don't want to live in violence like they do!

Anonymous said...

The usual lineup of brain dead idiots.

Anonymous said...

^^^How ironic that you of all people should label someone else brain dead.

Anonymous said...

That a weak group like this can be referred to as "opinion leaders" just goes to show what a sad little flyover country cow town KCMO actually is.

Anonymous said...


Where panelists primarily from JOCO KS tell KCMO residents how to govern themselves!

There are 5 people on this episode, including JOCO resident and host Nick Haines.

Are these 5 representative of KCMO demographically?
3 White males, 1 Black male, 1 White female
The answer is OBVIOUSLY NO.
Where are KC's Latinos? Where are the Black females? Where are any Asians? Where is anyone who speaks for political conservatives?

KCPT is a White, JOCO KS dominated "public" television affiliate of PBS, which is a politically-liberal taxpayer-dependent special interest group pushing their agenda while constantly begging for money from viewers.