Monday, June 15, 2020

Kansas City VA Discrimination Protest Today

Not a huge turnout because of the heat BUT here's the best roundup of continued controversy . . . Checkit:

Protesters claim nearly 100 race discrimination complaints filed at VA Medical Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Claims of nearly 100 race discrimination complaints at the VA Medical Center prompted a protest outside the hospital Monday morning. Black leaders want an external investigation of the medical center's operations. FOX4 first reported on racial discrimination claims at the Veterans Administration in March, before the coronavirus crisis dominated the news.


Anonymous said...

Showing two lard asses always makes people think hard workers. weird

Anonymous said...

Banks says "she was passed over for training to advance her career and did not get bonuses her fellow workers received".

Were these fellow co workers white only or white, black hispanic and or asian?

Is it possible Ms. Banks just wasn't simply ready for the next step?

Did she do her assigned job at the time to the best of her ability? I do know from experience some patients can be difficult at times. I'm assuming she was with patients to begin with.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^ aka Assistance baby factory.

Anonymous said...


The demand for an investigation was rejected on account of "thourough" misconduct by protestors!!!

Anonymous said...

Roll the pig in flour, look for the wet spot. Like riding a moped when your friends are no around.