Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Kansas City Unity March Earns Support Despite Widespread Social Media Skepticism

Here's a glimpse at a decent crowd for a local love fest and sign of support betwixt police and community . . . Checkit:

Local pastors, officers march for change and unity

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Protests and marches in Kansas City, Missouri, have gone from peaceful to violent and back again during six straight days of demonstrations, including a planned march Wednesday aimed at uniting multiple factions from the community.


Anonymous said...

A crowd of east side revs represents such a concentration of grifting it's like the massive gravitational attraction of a black hole in outer space.
Watch the "interviews" and catch the names.
There seems to be maybe the aroma of some cash in the air.
And most have certainly been there before.
Dance smiley selfies Lucas, dance!

Jesus is real...fake said...

It’s not 1959, anymore. Stop looking to these shysters for answers. They dont have any.

Anonymous said...

But please note how the Nelson wimped out once again, changing the starting location at the last minute so Julian and his rich art buddies could look neutral and politically correct. Discussing lack of leadership!