Friday, June 05, 2020

Kansas City Thursday News Look Roundup

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Summer Fun Silenced???

Still no word on when Worlds of Fun will reopen after COVID-19 delays

Hide Transcript Show Transcript on stage here at worlds of fun. You're in for a real treat with Lily and Amanda and echoed topsy turvy. That is a little bit hard to classify, I guess. How would you describe your Cirque du shenanigan ary? Really, sir Titian and a gallery about you.

Cowtown Downpour Postscript

Storms level trees, cause power outages around Kansas City metro

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Overnight thunderstorms with high winds and lightning took down parts of trees and led to power outages around the Kansas City metro early Friday morning. Damage could be seen on both sides of the state line, with limbs blocking roadways and falling into homes.

KC Taps Comeback Keg

Kansas City Breweries Begin to Reopen Taprooms in Next Phase of COVID-19 Response

As area businesses cautiously emerge from mandated COVID-19 quarantine and restrictions, a number of breweries throughout greater Kansas City have reopened their taprooms. During the ongoing pandemic, breweries have been financially impacted in multiple ways. Restrictions led to the loss of revenue from taproom beer sales, events and merchandise.

Wel-Rounded Debate

Body Confidence, Body Positivity And Self Esteem - The Complicated Truth Behind Instagram And Body Image Woes

Body confidence. We see this term bandied about a lot but what does it mean? Especially during a time when (according to images across social media) most people are spending their waking hours dressed professionally top half only (video conference ready) and wearing slippers...or is that just me?!

Celebrate Hole New World

Today Is National Donut Day - Here's Where to Get a Free Donut

Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' and more have exciting deals today Friday, June 5 is National Donut dDay and these places are offering some sweet deals to celebrate the sugary treat. Duck Donuts chain which has locations spread across the mid-Atlantic and Southeast is turning the day into national a whole weekend of celebration.

Prez Trump Economic Tribute Inspires Continued Outrage

Trump's comment 'this is a great day' for George Floyd draws immediate outrage - live

The moves are part of a stipulation between the city and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, which launched a civil rights investigation this week in response to the death of George Floyd in police custody. The City Council is expected to approve the agreement Friday.

Sign Of The Times Debuts

Activists paint giant 'Black Lives Matter' message on the road to the White House

Two blocks of Washington, DC streets bear the giant, yellow-lettered message

Healthy Fashion Advice . . .

Coronavirus face masks should be worn in public, WHO says in updated guidance

In a continued effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday updated its guidance to recommend that governments around the world encourage the widespread use of fabric face masks while in public settings.

Global Outrage Against U.S. Police

'Your Pain Is My Pain': global anti-racism protests rage

FRANKFURT/LONDON (Reuters) - Protesters around the world took to the streets again on Friday, despite coronavirus warnings, in a wave of outrage at the death of African American George Floyd in the United States and racism against minorities in their own nations.

New Super Powers Pledge Peace

China and India Try to Ease Tensions at Disputed Border

NEW DELHI-China and India are elevating talks between military leaders to try to calm tensions along their disputed borders in the Himalayan mountains. Chinese and Indian troops have faced off for a month along a remote stretch of the mountainous frontier following a brawl between units patrolling one disputed area.

Kansas City Artsy Tourism Revival Underway

Kansas City's Arts Scene Starts To Reopen - Here's What To Know About Visiting

Just in time for First Friday, some arts organizations will continue to offer virtual events and activities, or open by appointment. But others are starting to re-open to the public with social distancing guidelines in place. For visitors, as well as businesses, the experience will be much different in the COVID-19 era.

Check Hot Pink Forecast

Rain will end and give way to sunshine and temperatures near 90°

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Share in our weather experience on the weather blog. Click on the blog at the top of the page for more information. For a full list of weather alerts, click here.

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Anonymous said...

"Activists paint giant 'Black Lives Matter' message on the road to the White House"

As I understand it the mayor of the District of Columbia directed the sign to be painted in the street in response to Trump's clearing peaceful protesters so he could leave his underground bunker and pose as an orange Mussolini in front of a church he had never attended holding a book he was unfamiliar with.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^@ 8:23

As the black thugs take over cities and burn innocent people out of their homes. As black thugs shoot innocent unarmed cops in Texas.
As black thugs kill a St Louis cop for no reason.

BLM was started by the black panther women who hate cops one was even a cop killer.

And yes you seems to know so much about Trump and the Bible don't you? Heaven forbid Trump try to settle people down.

Anonymous said...


When Lucy rolled in with a smoking tailpipe, my dipstick instantly sensed she was in need of service!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ JYES!