Thursday, June 04, 2020

Kansas City Thursday Morning News Look

We start this morning with visions of Pamela still going strong and working her Internets hustle as we collect news from across the nation and around the world . . .

Once Mighty Woodlands Will Never Come Back

Company plans to build warehouse distribution center on former Woodlands racetrack property

Las Vegas casino owner Phil Ruffin has put the former Woodlands racetrack facility up for sale and plans for a 1 million square foot warehouse distribution facility and office park are in the works.

KC Cameraman Tribute

Kansas City photographer, a father of 4, killed after Sunday protest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City photographer was shot and killed after Sunday night's protest. Police say three men were trying to steal his Jeep. His family and Mayor Quinton Lucas want people to know his life was more than his death. The photographs 50-year-old Marvin Francois took are moments captured in time.

Burns & Mac Celebrates Infrastructure On KC’s Dime

Kansas City to Dedicate Building to Critical Infrastructure Workers

Since breaking ground in 2018, crews worked more than 134,000 hours on the Burns & McDonnell World Headquarters project. Even through the height of the pandemic, nearly 70 people worked on the project every day with zero safety incidents recorded.

Pamela Plays For Pay

FaceTiming Pamela Anderson: Nothing can prepare you for this

Nothing can prepare you for FaceTiming Pamela Anderson. One second there is only you - staring, through a layer of iPhone glass, at your tired, trapped reflection, both of you hoping that is not how you actually look - and the next second there is Pamela Anderson, brightening the screen instantaneously and completely, the way a ray of sun stretching beyond a cloud can seem to bounce off the whole Pacific.

Generally Speaking, D.C. Insider Rebukes Prez Trump

Former Defense Secretary Mattis Issues Stunning Rebuke Of Trump

Retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis, who resigned as President Trump's defense secretary nearly a year-and-a-half ago over policy differences, has issued an extraordinary critique of the White House's handling of nationwide unrest, saying Trump has sought to divide Americans, and warning against "militarizing our response" to the protests.

No Statues For Losing Side

Virginia governor to announce removal of Robert E. Lee statue from Richmond as city reckons with Confederate monuments

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam will announce on Thursday plans to remove a statue honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from Richmond's historic Monument Avenue, a move that comes amid a national reckoning with America's complicated racial history.

Zuck Now Free Speech Fighter

Zuckerberg defiant in tense session with employees over Trump posts, report says

Despite public rebukes from several of his employees, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg resisted calls to label posts from President Trump with a warning sign in a similar manner to what Twitter did last month, according to media reports.

China Talk Crackdown

Exclusive: U.S. to designate additional Chinese media outlets as foreign missions

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is expected to designate at least two additional Chinese media outlets as foreign missions as soon as Thursday, increasing restrictions on their operations, two sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. The move would follow President Donald Trump's announcement on Friday of retaliatory action against Beijing over its tightened grip on Hong Kong.

Boris Blasts Cops

Boris Johnson: George Floyd death 'inexcusable'

LONDON - U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the death of George Floyd "appalling" and "inexcusable" but urged protesters in the U.S. and elsewhere to stay within the law and behave in a "reasonable way." Giving his first public comments on the unrest in the U.S.

Pop Diva Rebukes KCPD

Kelly Clarkson Calls Out Shocking Display of Kansas City Police Brutality Amid Protests

Kelly Clarkson is demanding answers. The 38-year-old Breakaway singer and The Kelly Clarkson Show host shared a shocking video on Twitter of non-violent protestors being sprayed and dragged away by Kansas City police amid nationwide protests against white supremacy and police brutality following the death of George Floyd .

Fanboys Consider Contract For Kegger Kelce

The Chiefs should extend Travis Kelce right now

The Kansas City Chiefs must extend Travis Kelce before George Kittle. It's time for a Travis Kelce contract extension in Kansas City, please. Even though the Kansas City Chiefs need to pay defensive tackle Chris Jones in a matter of weeks and starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes within the next year or so, they also need to add another Kelce extension on the list of things to do.

Cowtown Storms Persist

Isolated T-storms tonight into early Thursday


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Anonymous said...

So when does the march for Mr. Francois' senseless death at the hands of the usual suspects start?
Doesn't fit the narrative.
Nothing to see here.
Just like the other 75+ homicides in KCMO already this year.
Marching and making ridiculous demands about an event in another state while ignoring the endless tragedies right here in their own neighborhoods year after year after year.
How can anyone take these people seriously?

Justice For All said...

A black man killed more than likely by another black man. But hey that's just business as usual. When blacks kill one another the black community accepts that as collateral damage of being black. If a white man had done the killing the BLM group would be burning the place down.

BLM is a joke and the nation as a whole see it just as that. The few whites you see in thses protests are not those who really care about BLM they just there for the media attention and the hope of maybe a huge cash payout if a cop beats them.

In 2018 there were 7,407 black homicide victims of which 90% were killed by a fellow black man. Black lives don't matter to black people and the statistics prove so.

Anonymous said...

Any of you libs care to refute the above 2 comments?

Let's condense it down to one question: Why does Black Lives Matter totally ignore the epidemic of black on black killings in this country?

Anonymous said...

^^^Call me crazy, but those who work under the motto "to protect and serve" shouldn't be killing those in their custody. It happens at an alarmingly disproportionate rate to African Americans vs. Caucasians.

No one is debating blacks killing blacks. What aboutism is the rights favorite game.

Anonymous said...

^^ Answer the question lib.

Why does Black Lives Matter totally ignore the epidemic of black on black killings in this country?

Anonymous said...

@8:25 In 2019 341 unarmed whites were killed by police as opposed to 245 blacks. Put that stat in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Why not bring to light this fact... Black on Black crimes

He was robbed and killed by blacks.

Anonymous said...

No lib wants to answer the simple question of:

Why does Black Lives Matter totally ignore the epidemic of black on black killings in this country?

Any takers? Chimpy maybe?

Anonymous said...

What examples do you have they are ignoring it?

Anonymous said...

@8:59 We all have stuff to do today and friends to be with. We all can't be on here all day begging for someone to talk to us like you. Maybe if you weren't such a horrible person , you might have something to do. Now go away!

Anonymous said...

^^ Care to answer the simple question? Go ahead and give it a try.

@9:41 Name one documented thing BLM has ever said about the travesty of black on black killings.

You libs can't answer a simple question but want to be taken seriously. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

^^You seem really, really, really desperate for some human contact. Maybe if you weren't such an awful human being somebody would talk to you. Thank about that.

Anonymous said...

^^ And you and your lib buddies can't answer a simple question thus showing your arguments are moot.

What does "Thank about that mean" anyway? Ebonics maybe?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Once again, Chimpy has a moment of reflection in the mirror. Good job monkey!

Anonymous said...

^^Once again, you prove to be his biggest fan. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. Getting beat like a drum today! Referee, stop the fight! Lol

Anonymous said...

^^and again, here you are professing your love. He pulls the strings and you respond like the puppet you are. Weird.