Monday, June 29, 2020

Kansas City 'Systemic Racism' Conversation Moves Back To City Hall

Social media warning and notice about protest talk moving back to 12th & Oak this week . . . Read more:

“Let’s talk about systematic racism.”


We WILL be back Wednesday evening....but not at the plaza as is per norm...

This Wednesday at 6:30pm, we will be at CITY HALL.

Be fully prepared @ 7:30pm for an announcement from Leadership.

“Let’s talk about systematic racism...” -Black Kansas City Family

It is going to be a big big day! Everyone bring a friend if you can, as there’s always safety in numbers!

❗️We encourage all voices, just keep it respectful to the cause and keep the message true.❗️

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Talk about blacks killing blacks.

Anonymous said...

Of course, none of these people have the faintest idea or able to define what they think "systemic racism" is.
What it basically means is that, if I'm a member of this particular minority group, I should be able to do and say anything I want regardless of others around me, not have to work hard in school and bring anything to the employment game, and be granted endless special treatment, money, and opportunities for decisions and events that took place hundreds of years ago and about which I really don't have a clue.
Let the "discussion" begin!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha! Thanks for the explicit display of stupidity. Maybe a quick dictionary look up of "systemic" before posting?

Anonymous said...

Maybe when college classes resume; UMKC Professors will not have as much time to organize protesting.

Defund Public Universities and you defund Marxism.

Anonymous said...

^^Or better yet..euthanize anyone over 60 and you stop domestic terrorism. How about that?

Anonymous said...

But blacks commit most murders. By your logic we should euthanize them. Racist.

Anonymous said...

@7:23am should probably spend a little less time in the research part of the library and much more time attending "forums, town hall meetings, discussions, and yelling sessions" on the east side when this "issue" is discussed.
They'd find that the "system", which is to say pretty much everything and everybody, including @7:23 themselves, are responsible for any adverse outcomes, decisions, events, failures, disappointments, or any other negative aspects of life for the black population.
None of the problems are caused by the people themselves.
Even including the murder of a young child that was just shot to death in his own bed.
And the "solutions" that will be brought forward would not be what folks like @7:23am would really hope to hear.

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of their thinking on systemic racism. Proportionally far more blacks are arrested for committing crimes of violence that whites or hispanics. But to suggest that the reason is blacks commit more crimes of violence than whites or hispanics would be a racist statement. Everybody knows that racial groups commit crimes strictly in accordance with their percentage of the population. Therefore, the police arresting more blacks than other races must be due to systemic racism.

Anonymous said...

Wake up people. The racism hoax was started by the DNC to divide the nation and keep the black vote for themselves. If they don't get it they lose in November and they know it. Problem is most of their target audience are simps who believe them.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk systemic racism...

The Black community has an epidemic of violence committed against them by themselves. They blame this problem on rich white people and have no solution.

The Black community has an epidemic drug culture that produces rampant crime and violence. They lay the blame for their failures on rich White people and have no solution.

The Black community has an epidemic of bastard children who don't know their fathers. They lay the blame for their failures on rich White people and have no solution.

The Black Community has an epidemic number of under educated with no employable job skills and no initiative to push the progeny to better themselves. They lay the blame for their failures on rich White people and offer no solution. In fact, all too often successful people who happen to be black are ridiculed and ostracized by those in their community who have no drive to become something better than what they are.

The sad truth is that for every finger that BLM points at 'systemic racism' there are 4 pointed back at the failures of the black community to better themselves. Until the Black community comes to grips with their own problems and prejudice against themselves there's no point to discussing anything with them.