Monday, June 15, 2020

Kansas City Suspect Caught Mething Around

Quick reminder about the going drug crisis that powers so much violence, poverty and addiction . . . Moreover, here's a glimpse at how urban KC crime ALLEGEDLY spreads to nearby small towns . . . Take a peek:

Kansas City man, 2 others arrested, charged with possession of meth following traffic stop

HOYT, Kan. - A Kansas City, Missouri man and two other Kansan men were arrested and charged for drug possession following a traffic stop north of Topeka. Just before 9 p.m. Friday, a Hoyt police officer stopped the driver of a Ford F-150 for a traffic violation.


Anonymous said...

As a white person, I don't care if you throw the key away or choke this white criminal out. That beez' the difference of White Folks don't make excuses for crime.

Anonymous said...

So Fox4 doesn't have enough news about the imminent collapse of K.C. ? Now we go all the way to the Mega-City of Hoyt, Kansas for a druggie traffic stop.
What a bunch of fucking losers.

Anonymous said...

Wish some tainted Meth would find it's way to the streets. Summer of more than Covid filling caskets. Fuck Meth Heads.

Anonymous said...

Look he was arrested and no drama as a result of it.

See white people, even the criminal ones, know how to act. If it had been a black man someone would have been shot or fired for being a cop.

Anonymous said...

Blacks always go all Karen on cops, that's why they end up dead.