Friday, June 19, 2020

Kansas City Stimulus Check Waiting Game

Here's a hotline that might or might not help BUT certainly reminds us that not every broke-ass local has earned a bonus thanks to the pandemic.

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'They have no other options:' Hotline helps people waiting on stimulus checks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you received your stimulus check in mid-April, you may be surprised to learn more than 30 million payments remain in limbo. The frustrated people waiting on that money have called the 41 Action News I-Team, saying it's hard to get any answers.


Anonymous said...

Trump is still bungling refunds. This was supposed to be done in April. In the meantime, he has deposited payments into dead peoples accounts. He should have never tried to put his name on the checks.

Anonymous said...

An easy way for the non filers - they will need someone preferably with a smart phone who also happens to be halfway smart tech wise. You'll need around 20 -30 min. time wise.

1. log in - a tech savvy person can help you there. I do believe this is "making an account" and where I had problems at the beginning. I got no where.
2. make a password - follow irs instructions for which letters are caps or small.
3. make a pin# again, follow irs directions.

I really didn't need the money - not bragging but I wanted to file just for the heck of it, since I was entitled and to see if this can really happen- it took right at two weeks from filing online to the mailbox, really.

Now my brother has been waiting just like the rest of the filers {people who filed returns the last couple years} - he's still waiting too. Don't have the answers to that, sorry and he does wonder too.

Anonymous said...

Me again from above - we did use a home pc for my stimulus check, not a smartphone. I believe my son used a smart phone.