Kansas City Star Demands Shawnee Mission School District Diversity And Training

Not even hottie Alice playing a very cheeky teacher can distract us from this bit of local hypocrisy . . . Check this golden ghetto editorial power play and pronouncement that seems oddly hypocritical from a nearly all white newspaper . . .

Kansas City Star: Shawnee Mission schools want to tackle racism. But leaders, teachers are mostly white


"People of color in teaching and administrative roles are a slim minority in the Shawnee Mission School District. And a lack of diversity among teachers and administrators prevents the district from offering equitable education opportunities to all students.

"While Shawnee Mission’s student population has become more diverse in recent years, faculty and staff have remained predominantly white.

"During the 2018-19 school year, more than 27% of Shawnee Mission’s nearly 27,500 K-12 students were Hispanic or Black. Some 90% of faculty were white."

Developing . . .


  1. Are you kidding ? The Oprah Cult whites are the worst at pushing an agenda. Brain washing kids into ideas about somethings they have never seen. A la - America Teachers .

  2. And black and Hispanic families did not move into SMSD to havve black and Hispanic teachers unless they are the BEST! Those families fled KCK public schools and of course, KCMO public schools.

    We are not playing Barbie dolls here. We are trying to educate the next generation, people.

    I do agree with 6:57. The NEA Nazi cult of zombies are the worst. Look at Lindsay Constance, running for State Senate 10 (Shawnee/Lenexa) against conservative Mike Thompson the Weatherman. She was a failed math teacher (acc. to her students, the worst they ever had). Now an administrator with SMSD. She is also on the Shawnee City Council.

    If she should win, she would be triple dipping at the pension trough.

  3. ^^Preach it, Tracy.

  4. "My brother married a black woman" isn't diversity and inclusion.

  5. Atleast Alice is hot on the scale of comparison to most Teachers that look like Rosie O'dipshit or Ellen Carpetlick. Taste the Rainbow. The circus sideshow is a great place to find rolemodels.

  6. "People of color in teaching and administrative roles are a slim minority in the Shawnee Mission School District."
    This is the very reason SMSD is not all screwed up like KCSD and others.

  7. Rather than secretly edit myself, I'd like to fine tune my comments. All families want BETTER teachers of every ethnicity. SMSD is not the "best", in Joco that public school district is perceived to be Blue Valley.

    I also so respect minority teachers who are so identified with supporting their culture that they STAY in districts like KCK and KCMO, to teach those who cannot flee crime and violence, and too many "school lunch kids" who just don't have the benefit of a parent or parents who pay attention to their kids and raise them up right. So there ARE great minority teachers in those districts. But it's almost impossible, with 6 hours a day M-F to overcome the deficits these kids face.

    Next, the KCStar is a failing business. And their editorial board is desperate to be "relevant". And they love to lecture us in Joco--they always have. Now they have climbed on board the BLM agenda, financed by George Soros. And their little soapbox today is: Abolish White Teachers in Joco! Because they've already harped at Abolish the KCPD. Apparently they needed a new topic!

    About 3% of folks in Joco ever ever read the KCStar. (I got my online subscription for $20 for the whole YEAR. You have to ask those Phillipinos in Customer Service to get that.)

    So whail and whine on, STAR Editorial Board! With your cowardly unsigned editorials. If we employed your own logic, YOU would fire or retire your majority white editorial writers!!! You don't have enough blacks working at your paper. Pot, meet kettle. Peace. Out.

  8. that hot model looks like on of the dst systems "escorts" hired just to service clients and top executives (in my opinion). Legal prostitution.

  9. It's almost embarrassing watching the Star try to be relevant years after it lost all credibility as a news source. Their news stories are no more than op-eds, and their editorials are so predictable they can, and maybe do, write them months in advance. OK, I'm a sports and comics sections addict, but I am willing to go cold turkey. KC Star, please just go away.


    Thanks to my gorgeous geography teacher, Miss Alice, by the end of the semester I had mastered her body of knowledge in-depth!!!

  11. I'll agree that having the best teachers, no matter the race, is what will count.
    Having an intelligent crew of vice principals who can find the time to willingly work with school councilors to find out why such and such student doesn't seem to be doing well this past year and a half can be very helpful too. Race shouldn't come into play but it could in some cases I guess.

    Vice principals - when contract time is up or even before that, ask some students in private what they think of the learning and fairness atmosphere the teacher in question provides for the student{s}. Search through councilor records for the student you think may give a fair honest opinion.

    If you don't like what you hear cut ties with the teacher and hire another.

    Teachers - no matter the grade level of the student if he/she are not meeting your learning requirements throughout the year make the child repeat the grade again. Be fair and honest with your assessment of the student.

  12. So much of what Tracy says is true... about The Star.
    Pandering is just as racist as being a racist.. it is racist. The Star falls into this trap... and can’t seem to get out.

    Great leaders‘ success Won’t let them fail time and time again- but The Star continues: From people who answer their phones in foreign countries that steal jobs from the working poor the paper says they support (what a lie) to TELLING people how to vote and how to think that doesn’t make any difference. Ask yourself: When was the last time you heard anyone say they were going to do something because of the KC editorial ! (Never?)

    Yet hey spend 100’s of thousands on salaries and benefits for op-Ed people when they could put more people on the reporting beat or just donate the money to their causes. Nope- instead their shareholders suffer while those who shorted their stock get rich.

    If you disagree with the paper and want them to fail- egg them on and encourage them to keep editorial writers employed- tell them they make a difference and they need to hire more brainiacs. Tell them to rubber stamp liberals and any activists that promote liberal causes. Tell them you love their outsourcing of American jobs and the Philippines customer service is better than real Americans and you can understand their Wnglish perfectly. Pretty sure most will be happy.

  13. I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

  14. In the spirit of Adam Schiff:

    KC Star: why should you be president?
    Biden: Because Taco Tuesday is racist

    KC Star: How bad is Trump?
    Biden: who is Trump?

    KC Star: How would you do Corona differently?
    Biden: on Taco Wednesday I would order bottles.

    KC Star: What about the protesters?
    Biden: My wife is doing great! But the wheels fell off my canoe.

    KC Star: Should we hire more editorial writers?
    Biden: Hell no! Just just editorial lefters.

    There you have it. More reasons to vote for Biden.

  15. Helling thinks the Chiefs’ QB should come out against the Tomahawk chop because some don’t like it.
    Jelling is an idiot.
    Wouldn’t that dilute the QB’s message? Asking him to dilute his message is racist!
    Jelling needs to think before he talks or writes.
    Is he really a racist? Belling might want to rethink, regroup and really rearm his mouth.

    Very few groups of Native heritage think that way.
    Grelling doesn’t even give percentages or groups or surveys.
    Just lazy. Or incompetent? What’s his sources? What’s the percentage for and against?

    Maybe Shelling should start answering the phone and give the Phillipine customer service a chance to give a job back to the star so people can do productive work instead of shoot their mouths off. At least he signed his name.

  16. Tracy Thomas = trenchant but true

  17. I think the question is how many applicants are people of color. Maybe this is an issue of people of color not wanting to teach in the district or -GASP - there are not enough people of color in the teaching profession. My experience is it's a question of supply - not demand.

    That's the type of question legitimate paper should be asking. Without that research the Star is perpetuating a narrative ("SMSD, BV, or Olathe are racist because of the demographics of their teachers" or "my child can't learn because his teacher doesn't look a certain way") that's causing so much of the distrust and division that's happening in our country. They should be ASHAMED!

    Let's not fool ourselves that JoCo schools are high achieving due to their teachers alone. Income, 2-parent families, stable home environment, PTA involvement, etc. are the reason JoCo schools are higher achieving as a whole. Move further South to Blue Valley and you see higher achievement because there is higher incomes, more stable home environments, etc. If you look at income, home life, etc. broken down by SMSD elementary schools - you see the same differences in achievement. Those schools with lower income, more transient students, etc. will have lower achievement.

    How do you change this dynamic? It's not having more diverse teachers. The answer is at home. The answer is a renewed value on education at home. Parents that care = kids that care.


  18. 2:21 is on the money. This isn't a teacher problem. It's a home problem. The rest of the poor world looks at education as an opportunity. Our country the poor look at it as worthless.

    Whose problem is this? We've given our kids and parents so many excuses for why they don't achieve.

  19. Racism would end if racists like the Kansas City Star would quit focusing on skin color regarding every situation and aspect of society.

    Most folks just want to hire the best and brightest regardless of skin color. It's why corporations hire a lot of Asians and India programmers as they are the brightest and hardest workers. Their skin color and physical characteristics don't make a difference.

    Same with friends. People who are kind and thoughtful, regardless of the color of their skin, are always the best friends.

  20. how much longer does the Star have?

  21. The client services girls at DST Systems Inc went down on their knees for the NYC clients (in my opinion) and also me! They were very skilled! Now DSt is bough out and they are looking alot older and frankly younger women are more appealing!

  22. haven't seen a rose op-ed in awhile.

    did he move to arizona or florida?

  23. If there was ever a "hard project" those sexy DST Systems girls would "get right on it" and "get it done". Right all you execs that married the young girls working under you? Coca Cola fired their CEO this year for violating company rules and dating an employee. All you fat dumpy DST Systems executives that retired married to a coworker should have been fired back in the 1980. Then you could have gotten a job you deserved, some rep job at Sungard. You ever wonder if your wife didnt "date" other guys like me at DST before they latched onto you?


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