Kansas City Star Celebrates Overland Park Black Lives Matter Protest

The newspaper finally encourages a bit of protest in their own Golden Ghetto backyard . . . Take a look:

Protesters to gather in Overland Park for Black Lives Matter march, rally

Protesters will gather Saturday for a march supporting Black Lives Matter in Overland Park. The march will start at 11 a.m. at Overland Park City Hall, 8500 Santa Fe Drive, and end at the Overland Park Clock Tower where a rally will be held.


  1. Sorry BLM you have to get out of the way, the white kids from Overland Park are taking over this protest, please go home

  2. ^^ Knocked that one out of the Park. Blacks haven't figured out they were used and in the end will be gaining nothing compared to the Middle Class white pussy boys.

  3. The person in the red t-shirt is either a gay man or lesbian like Ellen Degeneres.

  4. The gays have taken over the BLM movement and they don't even know it.


  5. News flash: To report on is not to celebrate.

    They're a newspaper. They're supposed to report on local events.

    Sorry you don't know that.

  6. ^^^Sorry you don't know much about the Star. It's celebrate, not report.

  7. Stay out of the street and protest civilly and peacefully. If you end up in the street or riot and damage property then you have proven yourselves to be illegitimate and lawless and you will be dealt with as such. I will have no sympathy then to any harm or legal consequences that may happen to you.


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