Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Kansas City Social Justice Activists Work To Topple Jackson County Courthouse Statue

Here's another glimpse at the local effort to push back against American history and a controversial former President who owned slaves, slaughtered Indians and was somewhat successful at carrying military mandates . . . There's not a great deal of outcry on this issue BUT enough for a news story. Checkit:

Debate grows over Andrew Jackson statue across from KC City Hall

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Back in 2019 the county passed a resolution to add a plaque to the statue detailing Andrew Jackson's racist past. The plaque hasn't made it up on the statue and some residents say don't bother, just take the whole thing down.


Anonymous said...

Most definitely replace the statue of the great General (and President) Andrew Jackson who led the American Army in victory over the British during the War of 1812.

Be sure to replace his statue with that of the great American U.S. Congressman named Cleaver or maybe County Executive Frank White who fraudulenty did not pay their property tax bills. What great men they are.

Democrats are Communists and are trying to erase our nations great history of democracy and freedom.

Hell, they are even defacing Christian Churches like the Lenin and Stalin Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union days.

Anonymous said...

This will accomplish a lot, the black on black crime and murders will stop, blacks will start staying in school, learn, and graduate. Black kids will have stable families and black culture will no longer revolve around thug rap songs. Tear it down.

Anonymous said...

You know that suburban flight talked about in the previous article. All it will take to turn it around is taking down the statue of Andrew Jackson. Tax revenues will start climbing again. The urban core will return to life. Violent crime will start trending down.

Or it could be that the malcontents driving the urban agenda now are the most unserious, most ethically and intellectually deficient generation that this or any nation has ever produced and cannot even focus on real problems being utterly concerned with symbols and slogans.

Byron Funkhouser said...

9:49 he only won one battle.

He didn't win the war. "Democracy & Freedom"?

We're talking about Andrew Jackson who didn't believe in either of those things.

The statue is an insult to African Americans & Native Americans.

Anonymous said...

No George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson etc and there is no United States you fucking idiot.

You know the United States that everyone from every other country wants to immigrate to you fucking idiot.

Go live somewhere else you fucking retard if you hate America and its history so much. Fuck you Communists.

Charles Whitman said...

Jackson was president 1829-1837. Not 2020. The things he did 200 years ago were very acceptable at the time. It's ridiculous to hold historical figures to the ethical standards of today. Ridiculous? Childish?

Anonymous said...

Someday people will look back at the mass extermination of the unborn and call it the vile genocidal crime that it is.

Anonymous said...

Sure thing der fuhrer bLIEron, remove some statues what’s it going to prove.... nothing.

The history is still there, it doesn’t go away but I tell you what, I’ll let you erase this history if you erase the only thing you are obsessed with, slavery. It’s an even trade, you can’t erase one without the other so go ahead, do it please and hurry up dipshit.

This sounds like a demoncraps move, trying to erase their racist history to cover up for the fact that they are still the biggest racist on the planet. You can run but you can’t hide dummy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it would be a much greater benefit to the residents of Jackson County if the courthouse was torn down and the incompetent corrupt idiots inside were all removed.
And the statue kept where it is.
Ho about re-naming the county, if a handful of "activists" are so traumatized by the name?
Just keep in mind that we still have the Broadway Bridge.
The inmates are truly running the asylum and the cowards "in charge" fold at every turn.
This period will be looked back as one of anarchy and silliness.
What did you do at the revolution, daddy?

Anonymous said...

Yet Byron has done nothing in life. Weird

Anonymous said...

If you're going to cancel Andrew Jackson, why not add in there Michael Jackson. Change his name to Michael Pedo.