Monday, June 08, 2020

Kansas City Royals Season 2020 Cutback

Update on what's left of baseball season and the potential of Chiefs football without fans.

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Fan experience to change profoundly amid COVID-19 pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Dayton Moore remembers so clearly the vast sections of empty seats inside Kauffman Stadium when he took over as general manager of the Kansas City Royals, and he remembers just as vividly - nearly a decade later - how those seats filled and fans roared as the long-suffering club won the World Series.


Anonymous said...

So, how far behind the rest of the world will professional and collegiate sports be? Everyone else will have moved on and gone back to living a normal life and they will still be ringing their hands about masks and social distancing and disinfecting every surface people could touch. People who want to go to games should not be discouraged. People who are afraid of a few germs should stay home and quail in fear.

Springheel said...

Do hope y'all fuk d NFL. Last hope me had was blown when Mahomie sided with the Zombies. Fuk all sport college and pro. These people side with da spooks who are gonna be the end of civilization across the globe. I realize they think they got the most to lose, but I worked just as hard or harder and a lot longer for my measly 80,000 house and 120,000 life savings. This cowardice in the name of saving-what they think they have- is gonna wipe out everything anybody (decent or indecent)- has. The only ones who win are the upper end bad guys and the miscreants they use who will get their rocks off raping and enjoying a binge that lands them in Hell. Where, oh God, is Truth, and how did it just evaporate. Oh that's right, you warned us.

Anonymous said...

^^^OK Boomer. Bye bye now.