Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Kansas City 'Right To Record' Ordinance Coming Soon Amid Backlash Over Rising Political Backlash Against Police Brutality

The punchline here is that a local citizen journalist who sparked this change is facing charged for obstructing traffic as well . . . And that conviction will probably stick.


Proposed ordinance would prevent police from stopping someone recording their actions

Kansas City's City Council will consider an ordinance preventing police from trying to stop someone from recording their actions unless they substantially impede authorities."You do not have to stop doing that.


Anonymous said...

That’s gonna require changing the law, this isn’t some bullshit city ordinance they’re trying to get rid of.

Anonymous said...

That is not police brutality! Review the video carefully and put your biases away and look closely at the video!

Anonymous said...

Sick of this crap all police should walk off the job and let Quinton Lucas and Cleaver deal with their own people and see what happens. What these black people want it to get by with crime and everyone is giving in to them as usual. These people are a problem and the sooner you see that the better, or we are going to end up like SA

Anonymous said...

Who would object to cops being recorded doing their jobs? Hell, these days everyone is recorded everywhere.

Mo Rage said...

Long overdue and shouldn't even be necessary.

But it is necessary.