Sunday, June 28, 2020

Kansas City 'Ride For Peace' 2020

Here's a local tradition in a historically violent year . . . Take a look:

'Ride For Peace' drives message of unity amid violent year in KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As violent crime continues in Kansas City, Missouri, several groups showed unity on Sunday by traveling through the city's crime hotspots to spread the message of peace. Michael Rodgers coordinated the event, called Ride For Peace.


Anonymous said...

The perpetrators of these crimes were all still asleep and saw none of it. Nice effort, but all in all a waste of gas.


Anonymous said...

When are people going to learn that candles and riding around in cars is not going to do a thing? Tough on crime and stop kneeling to thugs that robbed our stores and tagged our statues is the answer. But these same criminals were treated like they were invisible and the race card played to the extreme. Don't waste your gas on this, it does nothing. Voting would help and to vote everyone out who was on their knees like little chickens to these criminals. Get someone who is tough on crime that is the only way.

Anonymous said...

Mob rule 1
Rule of Law 0

Anonymous said...

ride out

Anonymous said...

Leave some of those sweet rides in the fine hood overnight. Oops! Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

This is hopeful.

And for those who advocate "tough on crime" well let's start with those we've committed the most atrocious ones...No, not Hitler, the beginning of this "great" nation, then continue on up to those who tortured, raped, violently mobbed,attacked and displaced ppl for no better reason than to dominate already vulnerable ppl. Oh,but wait, those ppl probably had their reasons... And look how they turned out, now that there's no reason for them to fight. Now, thanks to their work,their progeny can afford to *act* civil---until confronted with the horror of a mask ordinance, that is.

Tough on crime doesn't work...hello? Have you noticed that things have not improved since the supposed "War on Drugs" era (which preceded the current "Opioid 'health crisis's"? Talk about double standards! There's no evidence that repression works as well as redirection. And yet there's plenty of evidence that a sense of belonging in one's community and in society as a whole has a ton of benefits in regards to helping ppl be able to respond in a more stable manner when confronted with conflict and trauma. There's evidence that points to community policing seeming to have a relationship with downward trends in violent crime, as well.

If you want something that actually helps mitigate research instead of responding out of plain and simple ignorance callousness. A
are as complex as you'd probably like to think you, those you actually give a damn about are.