Saturday, June 13, 2020

Kansas City Retail Biz Remains Dead: Internets Can't Save Westport

An important fact check and glimpse at the "new normal" for this historic district that now struggle for survival. Read more:

Westport facing dwindling foot traffic: Online sales will only get us so far, resilient entrepreneur says

Matt Bramlette is stretched thin, bouncing between his two retail shops as Westport storefronts struggle to reopen after a pandemic-induced shutdown, protests that disrupted business and other unexpected challenges. "We rely on tourists and foot traffic - two things that are few and far between right now," said Bramlette, owner of brick-and-mortar Mid Coast Modern and Soap Bar on Kansas City's Westport Road, as well as the Bear Soap Co.


Anonymous said...

i hope their place comes back big.

one has to wonder, however, if consumer behavior may not have changed following the pandemic and riots and their economic after effects.

Anonymous said...

I'll just bet that if we can find a clever way to put the letters KC on a t-shirt that folks will come flocking back in droves.

Anonymous said...

Shame he picked a dying area to open his Store in - sorry for your loss.

Maybe a different shopping location, like the Landing West (former Plaza) would work out better, or more radically, you could even try an area that's actually growing, like NKC.

Unknown said...

bric a brac millionaire..good luck with that.