Friday, June 19, 2020

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For our early bird news watchers we offer a peek at the newsworthy fashion goodness of Sofia, not only a social justice warrior but also an alleged "special friend" of B-ball activist and Red China apologist LeBron James. And all of this inspires another compilation of community news, pop culture and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Kansas City Hipster Foodies Fight Trending Hunger

Community Kitchens Serve as Allies on the Front Lines of Hunger Relief

A 1953 Spartan Aircraft Trailer Coach parked outside a warehouse near Southwest Trafficway is the newest community kitchen to join the fight against hunger in Kansas City. The 35-foot trailer is flanked on its sunny side by a set of yawning 14-foot pit cookers big enough to cook 60 pork butts at a time.

Midwest University Life Now Even More Overrated

Fall semester will look different for college, universities amid COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Colleges and universities across Missouri and Kansas are bracing for significant changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic as they prepare to reopen campuses for the fall semester. The University of Kansas and University of Missouri will require masks on campus, though Mizzou's policy only requires masks inside campus buildings.

Kansas City Backflips On Pandemic Precautions & Opens SOME Pools

KC Parks and Rec changes course, hoping to open 3 pools - if they can hire dozens of lifeguards

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Here's cool news, just in time for the ongoing summertime heatwave. Kansas City Parks and Rec leaders hope to open three public swimming pools after all, something they'd originally ruled against during the COVID-19 pandemic. A spokesperson for Parks and Rec told FOX4 they'll need to hire 50 lifeguards before the pools can open.

Fashion Hotness Reviewed

Sofia Jamora Stuns In Neon Orange Bikini In New Instagram Pics

Sofia Jamora has been keeping her 2.7 million Instagram followers captivated with a variety of bikini pics lately, and her newest share was no exception. She struck a couple of poses in the two-part photo set and flaunted her figure in a neon orange bikini.

White House Talks Tough On Controversial Tome

Pompeo calls Bolton 'a traitor' as Trump administration scrambles to halt book release

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday accused former national security adviser John Bolton of being a "traitor" in a forceful rebuke of Bolton's new book.

D.C. Swinger Screws GOP

Bret Baier: Chief Justice Roberts 'appears to be the new swing vote' on Supreme Court after DACA decision

"Special Report" host Bret Baier told " Bill Hemmer Reports" Thursday that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts "appears to be the new swing vote" on the highest court in the land. Baier compared Roberts to Anthony Kennedy, who was nominated to the court by Ronald Regan and served as the swing vote on many 5-4 decisions, most notably the case of Obergefell v.

One More Middle-Class White Lady Disappointed

Amy Klobuchar Tells Joe Biden to Pick a Woman of Color Instead of Her as Running Mate

Democratic Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar said Thursday she was dropping out of the race to be picked as Joe Biden's running mate, saying she will instead advocate for a woman of color to be the Democratic party's pick for the position.

Super Power Slap Fight Earns American Attention

U.S. condoles with India over soldiers killed in clash with China, tensions stay high

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The United States offered condolences to India on Friday over the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers killed in vicious hand-to-hand combat with Chinese troops during a clash on the two Asian giants disputed mountainous border earlier this week.

COID Tech FAIL Across Pond

Britain Scraps Its Doomed Contact-Tracing App, Turns to Apple and Google for Help

Britain swore an oath of sovereignty against Apple and Google earlier this year, resolving to devise a workable contact-tracing app that didn't have to cave to Apple and Google's user privacy demands.

Check Ballpark Figures

Looking at past attendance trends to predict the future for baseball

Baseball is in a troublesome place. They are the lone major North American sport that has had their entire season currently wiped out by the COVID-19 pandemic so far. Other leagues are formulating plans to restart (subject to the second wave of infections...

Get Well Soon: Kansas City Coach Potato Injury

KC Chiefs fan still in recovery months after injuring knee celebrating Super Bowl victory

Kansas City, MO - It's been more than four months since the KC Chiefs won the Super Bowl and one die-hard fan is still recovering. It's not from a months-long hangover or from a lingering haze from the sheer amazement of the win, rather Crystal Tipton is recovering because as she jumped for joy...

Waiting For The Rain

Thunderstorms and cooler temperatures arrive by morning

The pattern changes tonight and early Friday with thunderstorms that roll in from the northwest

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Anonymous said...

Pompussy might want to look up the definition of the word "Traitor"!

Telling the truth is not treason, treason would be something like, oh - maybe damaging this Country's ties to its allies and cozying up to our enemies, all the while weakening our Military.

Not that any God/Emperor or Secretary of State would ever do that!

Anonymous said...

What are roast beef flaps?

Anonymous said...

Amy would rather give up her place to Rosa Parks ? Certainly a skeleton just got found in a closet. A politician willing to give up the second highest position to join on the ME2 #2 r2d2 movement. Notice the "stars" beginning to fall, 3 rapes, arrests, fired from series for comments. Sit back and order your popcorn . There is certainly a repeat of History. The pushing of LGBT movement over BLM. The Me2 starting over. Didn't Jean Kenndys Smiths kid rape someone ? While she Backed the IRA ? And yet we honor her this morn.

Anonymous said...

"Traitor" is apparently the new, chic way to call out someone who dares say something unflattering about you. Honestly, not sure who to believe on this one. Pompeo, a known liar in an administration that lives off of lies or a guy who chose to sit on the sidelines of an impeachment hearing so he could cash a big check for a book.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the city (Rex Archer?) will be bleaching those styrofoam meals prepared by the hipsters?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no one liked Bolton in D.C. from either party. The guy wanted to send the military to every country that rubbed America the wrong way in the slightest. The douchebag wouldn't testify under oath about this stuff, but he's willing to lie to sell books as he enters his twilight years. What a man of integrity.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet Trump hired him. Weird. Of course, no one really likes Trump, either.

Anonymous said...

^^ Maybe that's why Trump beat Hillary. No one liked him. Unweird.

Anonymous said...

News Flash: Sleepy Joe, in his basement, has asked his "twin brother" in the mirror to go to Mars to get his mind back to Earth, so he can put two coherent sentences together without a teleprompter.

Anonymous said...

Allies ? You mean countries like France and Germany that we have shouldered 95% of their national defense bill for the 75 years and pick and choose when they support the United States.

I think Trump has done the right thing to open discussions with China and Russia. We spend 10 times more on military stuff than any other country. Maybe diplomacy with Russia and China might help as well.

Trump also has brought our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and kept us out of new wars. He receives absolutely zero credit from the left-wing media on keeping the U.S. out of foreign entanglements and bringing our troops home safely.

Anonymous said...

Time to start revoking the degrees of the bureaucrats who graduate from places like MU.

Anonymous said...

^^Ssshhh Boomer. Everyone's watching Matlock now!

Anonymous said...

Of course Bolton is a traitor, he should have testified. But so is Pompeo and so is Morbidly Obese Don.

Anonymous said...

@9:30, what troops has Trump brought home? Since he took Office he's been announcing loudly that he was "bringing our boys home", but actual reductions overseas have been negligible, and those few were quietly replaced with new deployments to the same areas.

And as far as "Defense Spending", besides the money that has been diverted from the troops to re-build existing walls on the Mexican border (rebuilt exactly as they were built ten years ago), the bulk of our defense spending has been wasted on manned aircraft (nothing on new drones, no matter how effective they are), and Surface Naval Vessels (or as might now be better defended against the Muslim Terrorist's Air Forces and Navy, but our new Recruits are still having to buy their mandatory second pair of boots out of their own pockets.

As a vet, I pay attention to our actual Defense Status, and the Cofefe-19 virus has shown the World just how weak and unprepared we are for dealing with Biological Warfare. No, Bonespurs is not a strong Leader, but he sure knows how to spend money on "sparkly things".

Anonymous said...

The obese are always at risk of destroying their knees and hip joints. Sorry for your loss (or rather, unwillingness to lose).

Anonymous said...

10:26 - you're wasting your breath on 9:30 - they're just reciting the Trump/Fox News line and anything you say otherwise is just fake to them.

Anonymous said...

Go back to bizzaro World you loony kook. In reality Trump constantly tries to gin up war fever against China. And he tries to instigate shooting war against Iran and Syria. He has just failed so far, like everything the looser tries.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Says Don Lemon

Mo Rage said...


You mean condolences?

And COID??

You mean COVID?

Anonymous said...

"^^ Maybe that's why Trump beat Hillary. No one liked him. Unweird."

And yet 3 million fewer voters "liked" Trump than "liked" Hillary. Weird in a electoral college way.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Loser America 2020, where a Chief fan fucks up their leg for the Chiefs. Like she achieved more than the average person on TKC with solid advice . Weird

Anonymous said...

Yet Amy KBLOW-hard isn't giving up her current position to anyone of color. Weird