Monday, June 29, 2020

Kansas City Monday News Look

Right now hottie Demi and her promo inspire us to take a peek at pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world.

Kansas City Biz Ladies 1st

UNLOCKED: These are KCBJ's 2020 Women Who Mean Business honorees - Kansas City Business Journal

Two weeks ago, the Kansas City Business Journal announced the 21st class of Women Who Mean Business. Now, KCBJ has unlocked the article so everyone can see the list of honorees. This year's class has influence in industries that touch nearly every part of the metro.

Fighting Pandemic Downtown

Jackson County Detention Center to start COVID-19 consent testing of inmates, mandatory testing of employees

According to Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forte, the Jackson County Detention Center will start mandatory COVID-19 testing of their employees Tuesday.

Meth Town Fun Kaput

SantaCaliGon Days Festival canceled for 2020 due to COVID-19

The festival was scheduled to take place on Labor Day weekend, but the health restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic forced the festival to close. “As we explored all options in which to hold the festival, it was clear that there was no path forward and the safety of our guests, entertainers, volunteers, and staff was our primary concern when making this decision,” Independence Chamber of Commerce Chair Sonci Bleckinger said in a release.

Demi Fashions Winning

Demi Rose showcases her incredible curves as she strikes a pose in a pink bikini for another stunning selfie

The model, 25, put on a sizzling display as she raised her hands in the air and struck a sultry pose for the camera.

Alleged ‘Russian Bounty’ Controversy Sparks More Questions

White House briefs House Republicans on 'Russian bounties' intelligence

Russia alleged to have offered money for killing US troops. Trump claimed advisers ‘did not find this info credible’

Dumb Questions Debated

NBC News’ Chuck Todd slammed for asking Bolton if Trump 'is afraid to make Putin mad' because he wants his help: 'This is not journalism'

Todd was slammed on social media for implying Putin helped Trump, and wants him to do it again in November. “Completely disgraceful from NBC's Chuck Todd,” GOP rapid response director Steve Guest wrote .

Social Media Crackdown Against Prez Trump Fanboys

Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch are taking major steps to crack down on hate speech from pro-Trump and far-right groups

Major social media platforms on Monday took action against Trump, pro-Trump groups, and far-right accounts for violating their policies against hate speech.

Supreme Wall Standing

Supreme Court declines to take up border wall case

The Supreme Court declined to take up a case Monday over the use of waivers by the Department of Homeland Security to speed up the construction of barriers along the US-Mexico border.

Native Statue Push Back

Not just Confederate statues: Indigenous activists want conquistadors, missionaries removed

"It is an act of violence to even have the statues in our homelands," said Elena Ortiz, chair of the Santa Fe Freedom Council of The Red Nation, a social justice organization. "It’s not just the statue, but it’s what it represented: the celebration of our genocide."

Chiefs Still Better Than Cam

No, the Patriots are not a realistic threat to the Chiefs in the AFC

The Patriots are better Monday than they were Saturday. But it is entirely too soon to jump to conclusions. As mentioned, the beauty of this argument is the two teams match up at Arrowhead Stadium in Week 4.

Jazz Talk Persists

Community leaders come together to discuss improving 18th and Vine

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Many in the community have spoken up about the historic 18th and Vine district and how they feel it isn't being taken care of like other entertainment areas in the city. So, a number leaders in the area came together to discuss change on Friday.

Summer Sticks To Kansas City

Heat, high humidity will be with us for several days


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Anonymous said...

very dangerous news curves.

Anonymous said...

What the Hell do the Russians have on Trump?

We already know they can bankrupt him anytime they want, Eric has publicly stated that they have been the Trump Organization's only source for borrowing for over ten years, but what else?

Is it the "pee tapes" of Trump and the two hookers from that Moscow Hotel?

Is it the porn films Melania made when she was working as an "Escort" in Moscow?

Is it the $100 Million they ran through the NRA to Trump's Campaign in 2016?

All the above?

What the hell is it?

Anonymous said...

^^^ none of the above dumb ass, that’s all despicable dimwit lies, and it’s been proven to be lies.

Rapey joe “golden leg hairs that he has the kids play with” biden, now all that shit is true, he’s one sick bastard and he’ll get away with it why?

It’s good to be a Democrat that’s why. They can get away with murder, just ask the clintons for starters.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet you believe all that shit (and probably the nonexistent child abuse ring in the nonexistent basement of the DC pizza parlor as well) and dismiss everything 10:00 says. Fucking amazingly weird.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:05 - our own fucking soldiers with a bounty on their head. Go fuck yourself and your flag hugging. You don't give a fuck about the men and women of this country who put themselves in harms way. Just like that dumbfuck running our country doesn't give a shit about anyone else but himself.

Rapey Joe? You know Trump has more than 20 fucking women accusing him of sexual assault? 20 FUCKING WOMEN. Biden had one accuser and the story crumbled day by day until it was nothing.

I'll take a Democrat who hasn't sold out our own service members all day every day. You stick with the Russian kompromat, fucking traitor.

NicK said...

Fake news