Saturday, June 27, 2020

Kansas City Metro Police Conduct 'Bias Training' Amid Rising American Push Back Against Law Enforcement Tactics

Like it or not, the times are changing rapidly for everyone including the po-po and this article offers a glimpse at new training that informs police work amid the social media era when bad publicity can spark nationwide rioting.

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KC-area law enforcement agencies, psychologist discuss implicit bias screening, training

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the last several weeks, 41 Action News asked some local police departments how they check for potentially harmful biases when bringing new officers onto the force. Before new officers start to serve in Overland Park, Officer Ken Braden trains them in "Fair and Impartial Policing."


Anonymous said...

How about some actual practical "bias training"?
Spend some time on the east side of KCMO in the middle of the night and ask yourself what reaction you would have if a young black man or a young white man appeared from behind a house and reached into his pocket.
Why is that?
The easily-predictable reaction is not because of racism or bias.
It's because of facts, data, and history.
All this diversity and bias "training" is nothing more than yet another round of "Xs in boxes" for organizations and companies and a real gravy train for the latest round of "consultants".
And it has the half-life of about five hours.

Anonymous said...

What these dumbass whiny bitches don’t understand is how much this will increase their budget, this shit ain’t free you effing dummies. This is completely opposite of de-funding! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

If nothing else gets good cops to resign from the force, mandatory bias training will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

The new recruits will yawn their way through. (All pays the same.)
Watch porn on the phones during the lectures.
Then go out and arrest the criminal coons.

Charles Whitman said...

How do we get training to criminals to stop breaking the law? Cops don't persecute blacks, they persecute criminals.
Don't commit felonies!
Don't break the law!

Anonymous said...

KC MO police department need to start with the racist police chief Rick Smith.

Anonymous said...

charles shaves his balls every evening before dinner.

Anonymous said...

That's what all this BLM bullshit is need to hire the colored to provide us all with their racist agenda.

RRAST said...

Your absolutely correct! Whatever program that is started needs to be sustained over time.

Let's use community policing for example. KCPD published a book in the 70's regarding the subject.

In the 90's Community Action Teams or CAN units were started across the city..Also social service workers and county prosecuting attorney's added later on.

Fast forward to 2020 a couple of CAN Centers still around and the social/ county program is thrown out again..smh

Can't keep trying to reinvent the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Why would ANYONE with half a brain go into law enforcement? You have terrible hours, hazardous work conditions, and the threat of getting sued or fired for doing your job. The only people applying are closet tyrants and idiots who can't work anywhere else.