Friday, June 12, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Crackdown On Police Includes Restrictions On Tear Gas After #BlackLivesMatter Protest

Here's a worthwhile roundup of recent reforms targeting KCPD from City Hall. Even more importantly, the Board of Police Commissioners endorsed these policy changes unanimously . . . Checkit:

Mayor Lucas announces new series of police review policies in wake of protests

Mayor Lucas at a press conference. // Photo by Brock Wilbur In a press release sent out on Thursday, Mayor Quinton Lucas announced a ton of new measures for the Kansas City Police Department, which were all approved by the Board of Police Commissioners during an emergency Board meeting.


Anonymous said...

these sound fine.

but what about personnel steps?

the policeman in minneapolis shouldn't have been on the force.

procedure rules cannot overcome a bad apple.

personnel measures to assure good people should be number one, imho.

Anonymous said...

no riot gas but more flash bang grenades pointed at street medics and legal support

Anonymous said...

An officer must have his head entirely split open before tear gas can be deployed. A doctor at the scene must declare offical head splitty opens before teargas can be deployed, but first an outside investigation must confirm the head splitty opens were actual caused by a rock. Frozen water bottles don't count. All hail Mayor dumbfuck.

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right coming from Quinton Kneel Lucas.
Pelosi was on both Knees with Kente cloth.
Next 5x daily facing Mecca?

How about restrictions on mob rule?
Hate of police and whites, especially white police is in itself racist and a crime.

Anonymous said...

Mayor McDrinkerson cranking up the virtue signaling! Hey, there were cameras!

Anonymous said...

The boy blunder is in over his head, this is the beginning of the end for kc. He’s incompetent and now it’s time for a recall. Dimwit run cities are the shitholes of the world.

Anonymous said...

How about restrictions on racist thug cop rule?

Anonymous said...

The deep dark web is encouraging businesses to leave KC and set up shop across the state line.
It outlines Mayor 10-10-10’a failed thinking and policies.

KC is the next St Louis or even Detroit.

Notice no mention of BOB crime? Look at the deep dark web for info. It’s so sad what an incomplete incompetence of a mayor can do.Mayor 10-10-10 is the National Laughingstock

Anonymous said...

What about when the mob moves south to Loose Park or west to Plaza West neighborhoods?