Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Limits Criticism To Violent 'Section' Of Protesters

Meanwhile, more strident critics like Tucker Carlson of Fox News denounce any protester who would provide cover, refuge and basically work to tacitly assist violence in American streets.

Here's the mayor's side of the story:

KC Mayor Lucas: Violent section of protests are a 'distortion' of movement seeking change

Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas said he's disappointed and frustrated after what started as peaceful protests Sunday afternoon devolved into violence after nightfall. Lucas himself joined the throng of people on Saturday and Sunday, listening to protesters, and even taking a knee during discussions."Some were angry with me," he said.


  1. Was he on his knees when he said it?

  2. Let's not pretend the mayor is saying what he really thinks. At this point, every business and politician is saying enough to not be targeted. You know, when LuLu Lemon can put a feel-good public statement on the front of the closed store the looters will move on.....riiiiight.

    The Nelson's comments are directly targeted at this - they are at the crossroads of the Plaza and "Troost". Imagine the carnage protesters would cause if they targeted the tens of millions of dollars in artwork and facilities? The police having a presence there is common-sense. Look at Macys in NYC and Bloomingdales in Chicago. Imagine those same pictures of the Nelson? It would be tragic.

  3. Nearly every police department in the area is hiring. If these protesters want to change the culture and principals of these departments, they should go the police academy and become a police officer. They can engage in the community and make a difference.

    Their votes will make little difference. The same democrat majors and council members have not made a difference. The same elected officials at the state and federal level (Cleaver) have not improved the situation. The obstacles are those that have been voted into office and perpetuated for decades.

  4. As mayor, Lucas is already on the Police Board.
    And he's been around for quite a while now.
    What specific recommendations or changes has he made?
    Or is he as completely clueless about the police operation as he and the council are about all the other departments that are supposed to be providing basic services to residents and businesses in KCMO?
    Speeches, marching, and play-acting are easy.
    Actual governance is hard work.

  5. 12:47 does make an excellent point.

  6. Mayor Meathead, seeking too much media attention for self-glorification has contributed the problem he pretends trying to solve. Send him home, followed by his police butt sniffers, turn off the television cameras, and many of our problems will cease to exist. Attention, breeds violence.

  7. He’s falling in line with what the rest of the dimwit mayors and governors are saying. Just like the cleave and Frankie and forte and......

  8. Most cannot join police departments because they're too stupid to pass the pass the quals.

    Dims, kneel down, take a knee to the rioters. (protesters is inaccurate).

    Citizens, buy many, many hollow-points, From what I see, cops may say "fuck it" and just go away. Wouldn't blame them. Then, the 13% would see what it's like to be a true minority with 87% taking aim.

  9. OK, I'm a 70 year old white, middle class boomer who wants to speak to those of my generation and younger who are putting some naive and covert (or not so much) prejudicial statements here.

    Cause and effect. Hate and violence against people of color (and different religions or different love interests, etc.)results in hate and violence. Pretty simple...you know, cause and effect. (that's a scientific term that I'm sure you're familiar with).

    I don't much care about your individual prejudices/biases/hates...those are likely never to change. I suspect that many of you still support Trump, which kind of proves that point. But systemic and institutional racism can be addressed and changed. I suspect some of you don't understand what that is, so....JC Nichols (some irony here, no?) was largely responsible for zoning and home owner association covenants and restrictions prohibiting Negros and Jews from buying into his neighborhood developments. Meanwhile, Federal FHA and VET programs subsidized whites to buy those same homes. Long term economic harm resulted for blacks, as real estate is the one economic asset that helps lower income families move into middle class. I won't even get into the whole below prime rate home loan fiasco! And then there is the example of White flight and decreasing tax base (while tax give-aways to to rich white corporations/individuals)which diminished a once thriving school district, robbing it's now majority black students of a decent education necessary for future economic success. But you may believe that blacks are just inferior intellectually...NOT SO. Science (and people like George Washington Carver and Barack Obama) have proven otherwise. But wait, did I say science, which also supports theories/facts that promote vaccines for public health and warn that global climate change is here and dangerous. Sorry for my slip. Then there's voter suppression (fewer polling places, long lines in black neighborhoods}... a modern day poll tax, discouraging and limiting black votes. And the classic example of sentencing of cocaine users/dealers (overwhelmingly white) vs. crack users/dealers (mostly black)...the former got slaps on their hands, the latter, many years of hard time. OK? Does this help a little with understanding systemic racism. I could go on and on and on, but this dissertation must end.

    If I were a young black person today, I'd be afraid, disgusted, angry and dangerous.


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