Monday, June 29, 2020

Kansas City Mask Mandate: Day One

Quick roundup of the mask order from City Hall . . . It didn't go well and the public (strangely) seems annoyed by health precautions:

KCTV5: Jackson County to mandate use of masks starting July 1

KMBC: Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly issues statewide face mask mandate

Channel5: RideKC offering free masks to riders as counties start to require them

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

wear the mask and stop being a baby.

Anonymous said...

764 new cases in the last three weeks, the riots were exactly a month ago so it’s easy to figure out why we e gained more in three weeks than in three months.

Is anyone in charge of this shithole town or what?

Byron Funkhouser said...

We don't have a real president.

There is no leadership from Washington.

Wear a mask or stay home.

Anonymous said...

Will be having lunch and some shopping in the burbs later today.

Stick a fork in little detriot.

Anonymous said...

^^^and yet you won't as your broke, and never leave your rented trailer in Frogville. Weird.

Anonymous said...

12:20 - how's that explain Washington DC then tough guy? Site of some the largest protests in the country, yet, their rates have been down and trending downward for some time. Same with NYC. Correlation does not equal causation.

So, relax, quit being a snowflake, and wear a mask. I'm sure if we can subject schools to bulletproof back packs and metal detectors for the sake of gun rights you can nut up and wear your mask in the interest of public safety, right?

Anonymous said...


KS Governor Laura Kelly, Jackson County Executive Frank White, and KCMO Mayor Quinton "I'm A Victim" Lucas would rather see their constituency gagged and hung on a wall than allow personal responsibility to shine forth!!!