Friday, June 19, 2020

Kansas City Luxury Hotel Developers Return To City Hall For More Corporate Welfare

There's a RUMOR that they have the votes to earn the subsidy . . . That's complete false given that 12th & Oak is quickly running out of money and Whitney Kerr mostly serves as a political punching bag nowadays.

Here's the ask . . .

"The developer seeks $45 million in TIF and Super TIF revenues, plus a sales tax exemption on construction materials and community improvement district funds. That would offset the proposal's estimated $121 million lifetime cost."

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Crossroads luxury hotel plan will try for incentives again - Kansas City Business Journal

Two developers have dusted off a $63 million proposal for a luxury Crossroads Arts District hotel, despite their unsuccessful attempt last year to win support from the Tax Increment Financing Commission of Kansas City. Whitney Kerr Sr.


Anonymous said...

This is, by far the dumbest fucking idea I have seen in years. Asking for a 45 mil build a these times. They Loews is EMPTY right now, and the city is on the hook for that one... And they want to build a "Mercedes Hotel" what the actual fuck?

Hyperblogal said...

Only if every city taxpayer gets one night free.

Anonymous said...

say what?

Anonymous said...

Hey it's only money. Your money, not mine. So its not important.

Anonymous said...

Will mayor mcdrinkerson be on his knees for the giveaway?

Anonymous said...

It’s a good idea.
I am getting ready to propose several hotels for KC.
I am only asking 3 million for each.
Not sure how many jobs I will tell them Inam creating... doesn’t matter.
They will all be green.
After I get some 10 million in earnest money- I will send Mayor 10-10-10 some hotels in my used Monopoly game.
Laugh... but they won’t cost him as much as what they are on the hook for now.

Bottoms up to Mayor 10-10-10!

Anonymous said...

5:36 might be on to something.
Great commenter.
And I will drink to Mayor 10-10-10.

Anonymous said...

5:36 ... that’s funny!
Mayor 10-10-10? Lol ha!

I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

Anonymous said...

I thought Whitney Kerr was a Free Market Capitalist, apparently, he's really a Socialist/Communist!! Go back to the Soviet Union, Whitney!!