Monday, June 22, 2020


Police aren't yet calling this one murder/suicide but that's usually the story after these tragic reports.

Here's the MSM take for now . . .

KSHB: Man, woman dead following disturbance at Northland residence

KMBC: KCPD - Man, woman found dead in Northland home after reported disturbance

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Thanks Corona!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in the major leagues, Baltimore has 153 murders and Chicago has 307. Our hood rats are weak and unskilled.

Anonymous said...



Nobody taught you about percentages. Per capita, we're nearly as violent as Chicago.

Anonymous said...

KCMO regularly has at least 150 homicides and this year it will easily surpass that number.
That's over 50% of the number of murders suffered by New York City, which has a population over 17 times as large.
Lucas needs to get on his speed dial to the New York Times and be sure to let them know how dynamic the urban environment he "governs" really is.
No article ever seen, though.
They must be being fed other feel-good stories.
Just wait for the hard-hitting series from the Star on "gun violence". Those recent J-school cub reporters will be sure to honestly get to the core of the KCMO violence problems!

Anonymous said...

Let's see. The black guys kill each other. That leaves all the black girls for the mexican or chinese guys. Then that leaves mexican/chinese girls for the white guys and a whole bunch of white girls for somebody.

O.k. the white men want the white women, the mexicans and chinese want their mexican/chinese women and then that leaves a bunch of unattached black women because there's no black guys for them.

Seems the people who fly the colorful flag are the only ones who'll benefit from the killings.

Anonymous said...

Per capita, we are worse than Chicago

Anonymous said...

Killa City is a shithole. Weird

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you STILL live here. Too stupid, lazy, and broke to go elsewhere. Weird.