Kansas City Gen Z Confronts One Of The Worst Job Markets In American History

A worthwhile local biz report offers word of increased competition and lower pay for recent college grads and so many others entering the workplace this year . . . Checkit:

Gen Z's Future Job Market

America's youngest workers experience employment difficulty in the face of COVID-19. With the Millennial generation firmly entrenched in their working years, the next group into the jobs fray is Generation Z, whose oldest members are now past college age. And at an estimated 90 million-strong, this new cohort will eventually swamp the roughly 72 million Millennials out there.


  1. An exciting career as a Sanitizer Technician. Must be able to operate a spray bottle, tolerate gloves and mask for 8 hours. Uniform Furnished. Top Wages.

  2. Target is apparently offering a bright future for applicants.

  3. Gen Z is doing it to themselves. They deserve this job market. They vote dem. Dems are for lockdown and if they are white gen z they are soon to be really screwed but you get what you vote for.

  4. Gen Z's will have it very hard. I am a baby Boomer. First 1/2 of our career is spent at a company that had a pension. Then your laid off. Spend the next 1/2 your career at a 401k type company.

    Gen Z will not have any savings. No $ for boats, lake homes, nice vacations, no generous bonuses from companies as they are profit minded. Gen Z will never have the standard of living of their parents.

  5. 10:37, a Trump denier.

    Sorry, he is president and he did this. Other countries dealt with the virus and didn't have to shutdown. His inept response led to 115,000 needless deaths and tens of millions laid off.


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