Friday, June 12, 2020

Kansas City Fed Cancels Meetup Amid Continued Coronavirus Shut Downs

Maybe not really important but a look at real life impacting monetary policy and the move to digital video conferencing as the new normal . . . Read more:

Kansas City Fed's annual symposium not at Jackson Hole for first time since 1981

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s annual monetary policy symposium - one of the premier gatherings for the world’s A-list central bankers and economists - will not be held in the mountain resort of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this year for the first time in nearly 40 years...


Charlie Horse said...

What will they do with all that newly available cash on hand after canceling the shindig in Jackson Hole? They have to spend it.

Anonymous said...

Knew a doctor who use to hang out with the big boys in JH. When he retired he discovered he had three retirement accounts looted.