Saturday, June 13, 2020

Kansas City Faith Blogger Hopes For 'Fix Systems' After George Floyd Killed

A good faith hope for solutions from this local blogger who normally writes on topics of faith & morals.

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What we need to fix are systems

If we hope that meaningful societal change can come out of the civil unrest displaying righteous anger after the murder of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer, we're going to have to do several things. At the top...


Anonymous said...

And today's Black Lives Matter Hypocrisy Medal of Honor goes to:

Anonymous said...

Dream on Billy

Anonymous said...

When there's domestic violence, mental illness and similar matters who else is qualified and willing to show up other than a police officer? More often than not there's a gun lying around somewhere close.

Anonymous said...

wrong personnel was the problem in minneapolis.

this article is mush.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the police need more training on dealing with situations when a noncompliant criminal is overdosing and dying from a lifetime of chronic hard drug use.

Anonymous said...

Only if there is a weapon involved.

Anonymous said...

tkc, where has that tracy thomas gone?

has she retired (unlike tammeus)?

she used to be a regular like tammeus and she had pithy comments.

Tim said...


Anonymous said...


Isn't it amusing how Tammeus' own personal racism emerges in his writing? If asked, I'm sure he would deny being a racist, yet there it is on full display in his blog postings.

When describing a person, why would you use the color of their skin, unless you were making a reference to their skin. An example would be "her skin was milky white" or "the cowboy's brown leathered skin resembled the saddle upon his horse."

Here is Bill Tammeus, an unconscious racist, writing in this blog post:

"by a white Minneapolis police officer"
"for individual white Americans to treat individual Americans of color with respect."
"on the necks of black and brown people."
"two black leaders make that point well."
"especially with white evangelical Christians"
"some of my best friends are black."
"within so many white churches and white Christian spaces."
"to treat individual people of color kindly"

As is his modus operandi, Bill Tammeus loves to lecture Christians about their many failings, while name-dropping a long list of people whom he has met or read their book. This is the sign of an insecure person with a need to feel superior to others, thus publicly masking their inner demon.