Kansas City Faith Blogger Denounces Missouri Death Culture

From capital punishment to pool parties swimming with pandemic germs . . . This local scribe makes his case against the rising Midwestern fascination with the macabre. Read more:

Missouri's astonishing promotion of death

My state, Missouri, seems to have a weird fascination with death. Over the Memorial Day holiday, for instance, all kinds of reckless people gathered at the Lake of the Ozarks to party in such a risky way in the midst...


  1. But yet he’s a big proponent of the murderous mooselimbs

  2. Locking yourself in your home and refusing to live your life out of fear is just a way of dying slowly. The partiers down in the Ozarks decided that they want to live their lives without fear. They are the ones embracing life with all of its dangers.

  3. Muslims have a weird fascination with sucking goat dick. Probably because Allah sucks goat dick.

  4. ^^So do you CHUD, so do you!

  5. Missouri has no state government. What it has is a monstrous hillbilly death cult.

  6. Bill is OK with killing the innocent unborn, though.

  7. 9:19 comment = BRILLIANT!

    Funny how Tammeus is able to completely skip over Missouri's attempts to stop infant genocide, while he talks about pool parties and capital punishment.

    Pool parties are voluntary and the state of MO can't restrict what consenting adults do in their leisure.

    Capital punishment is carrying out the state's judicial order.

    Tammeus is really an illogical liberal-brainwashed fool with a blog.

  8. ^^and you're a jealous little bitch with no life and nothing to do.

  9. 10:14 comment

    Only 2 minutes after 10:12 posted, there you were bragging about yourself again,
    "a jealous little bitch with no life and nothing to do."

    The vast majority of your pointless comments offer no information, add nothing to the discussion, and make no attempt to counter the original comment made. Your new name is SPAM TRASH MAN.

  10. Most of these folks pictured don't classify as hillbilly. Mostly Johnson county ks. and upper class st Lou and kc. They account for most of the boat accidents on the lake. You wanna find white trash, go on a missouri canoe trip. In the pics of memorial day, you will notice a fair share of black folk outta st Lou and kc lookin to mack on stupid white chicks. Ain't a hillbilly pool party with black folk.


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