Kansas City Eviction Crisis Coming Soon

Local courts are back up & running, pandemic protections have nearly expired and those stimulus checks stop at the end of the month.

One of the BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC readers sent this link our way that helps to track an upcoming housing crisis . . . Read more:

The Eviction Lab

The Eviction Lab at Princeton University has built the first nationwide database of evictions. Find out how many evictions happen in your community. Create custom maps, charts, and reports. Share facts with your neighbors and elected officials. Get Started


  1. It’s not an eviction crisis, black people just refuse to pay their rent. It’s as simple as that people.

  2. Blacks

  3. China's fault.

  4. Boot their ass to the street. They are all out there protesting any way might as well have their belongings with them.


  5. well don't rent to backs now they will use every effort to take you down for racism and the world seems to be on their side. Be careful if you use Aunt Jemima or uncle Ben's. that's racist now.

  6. We don't rent to blacks. Real easy to keep them away. Just have really nice places where the rent is high and they don't bother you once they find out for sure they have to have a credit check done and put up first and last month rent total first to do an application. The you go to their bank and if check won't clear bang no renting to those people. You hand them their check back and say, Adios.

  7. I might be clear here that what we call the up front money is an application fee. That covers what we do as I pointed out @ 9:14. That fee is held the whole time you rent the unit. You pay additionally for the first month rent at move in if approved. If you don't violate your lease your application money is refunded 100% upon move out.

  8. Funny how they talk about people of color getting the shaft. When you look at the statistics on Eviction Lab cities, you'll see white people top the list of evictions. Bet CN* won't show that.


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