Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Kansas City Dreamer Picnic Postscript

Today's gathering was just a little bit laid back and our Latino friends even brought guitars . . . Here's at chill advocacy in the aftermath of a temporary legal victory. Read more:

Local rally looks ahead to future of DACA recipients

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Over the last month, we've become accustomed to the sounds of outrage making the songs of celebration that much sweeter. "I'm so used to headlines that are disappointing and heartbreaking, especially when it comes to immigration issues," Kansas City, Missouri, resident Emily Akins said.


Byron Funkhouser said...

Donald Trump is a white nationalist.

He'll try to deport these children because he hates.

Deport Trump, let them stay.

Anonymous said...



Most democrats want some form of immigration control too. Stop showing how stupid you are Byron. Trump still hasn't deported as many people as Obama.

What a twit you are.

Anonymous said...

Funny because Obama and Biden are the ones who built the cages down at the boarder. We want people to come into our country using the front door that's only fair to respect our laws and DACA is and was unfair.

Don't even give Byron the time of day he is ignorant, anti American, and wants to argue about anything just so he can argue. Why he's not up in Seattle is a mystery that's where he needs to be. Free food tents and love Byron better get up there.

Anonymous said...

and yet Obama & Biden can do things like that because they always had the country's interest at heart, and were universally beloved. Unlike Trump.